‘CaliAmericana’ First Release by New Label, Santa Barbara Records

‘CaliAmericana’ First Release by New Label, Santa Barbara Records
January 19, 2022
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Danny McGaw – Courtesy image

Santa Barbara Records is a new, purpose-driven record label based in Santa Barbara, California. Going beyond the label norms of signing artists and releasing music, the label is committed to incentivizing recorded music sales by expanding the definition of what exactly constitutes a “record” today, while having a meaningful cultural and economic impact in the Santa Barbara region.

The label released its first compilation album, CaliAmericana, featuring eight artists, each delivering an original as well as a California-themed cover. Available digitally, on CD, deluxe vinyl, board-printed digipak, and as a limited-run art book, featuring archival-quality black and white images of the Santa Barbara region, along with lyrics and artist features – stream | purchase.

CaliAmericana is the term coined by the label to describe its view of the region’s take on Americana– the golden, acoustic glow of Laurel Canyon overlaid with the country grit of Bakersfield – and the current roster is the very embodiment of CaliAmericana, representing diverse influences of Americana music while speaking from an authentic and original perspective rooted in the ephemeral magic of central California – ERLAND, Danny McGaw, Hana Aluna, Omar Velasco, Jessie Payo, Tina Sclieske, Hannah Siglin and Mendeleyev.

A synthesis of the great storytelling traditions of Americana, blues, and alt-country, songwriter/composer/producer ERLAND is set to release his new album, Southern Pacific on Friday. Pre-save here. Composed of 10 soulful, original tunes, the album speaks to his Southern-California-by-way-of-Nashville sound with his latest single, “Meaning of Wild” out now.

For more information go to the Santa Barbara Records website.

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The Flamin’ Groovies, Peter Tosh and The Troggs on Liberation Hall Slate

Binance player withdraws more than ₽6 billion after the news about the ban on cryptocurrencies in Russia

The crypto market reacted to the statement of the Central Bank in an unexpected way.

In the course of trading on the eve of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, which is the largest in the world, an anonymous crypto investor withdrew an amount of $83 million (over 6 billion rubles).

This was reported by RBC, citing the Whale Alert service , which monitors large movements of cryptocurrencies in real time.

It is noted that the withdrawal of funds occurred after the initiative of the Central Bank that caused resonance.

The regulator proposed to introduce responsibility for the use of cryptocurrencies in financial transactions in Russia, and, in general, completely withdraw domestic players from the circulation of the crypt.

At the same time, the head of the Financial Stability Department of the Central Bank, Elizavetu Danilova, told the media that the regulator does not intend to introduce any bans on the ownership of the crypt of Russians.

She explained that compatriots will be able to work with their crypto assets in foreign jurisdictions.

🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 83,826,621 #USDT (83,826,621 USD) transferred from #Binance to unknown wallethttps://t.co/dZSZCQChaf

— Whale Alert (@whale_alert) January 20, 2022

As Topnews wrote earlier, on the eve of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation proposed a complete ban on turnover and mining in Russia cryptocurrencies that currently threaten the ruble with the loss of sovereignty.

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The Ministry of Health was asked to simplify the access of parents to intensive care for children

Children's Palliative Foundation appealed to the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation with a request to facilitate access to intensive care for parents of sick children, the Izvestia newspaper writes. in eight regions of Russia conducted an experiment — From September 2020 to November 2021, we significantly simplified the access of parents to the intensive care units where their children were.

Parents helped the medical staff with sanitary and hygienic procedures, feeding the child, monitored the operation of the equipment that was connected to it .

As a result, more than half of the doctors (57.1%) responded positively to the help of their parents.

Earlier, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, President of the Dmitry Rogachev Center Alexander Rumyantsev said that anesthesiologists Resuscitators of the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital (RCCH) are using modern telemedicine technologies to help provide emergency treatment to children across the country.

According to him, the intensive care unit of the hospital is the largest pediatric intensive care service in the country and serves as an expert in relation to all similar services in the Russian Federation. Doctors of various specialties provide high-tech medical care here according to the most modern treatment protocols.

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On Friday, snow is expected in Moscow and up to minus six degrees

Cloudy weather, snow and sleet are expected in Moscow on Friday, January 21, according to the official website of the Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation.

According to weather forecasts, during the day the air temperature in the capital will be from six degrees below zero. On the night of Saturday in the city it can get down to minus seven.

In the Moscow region during the day it is expected from minus four to minus nine degrees below zero. At night, the temperature in the region can drop to minus ten degrees.

Southeast wind at a speed of 6-11 meters per second. Atmospheric pressure will be about 735 millimeters of mercury.

Formerly a leading employee of the Phobos weather center Yevgeny Tishkovets also said that a record amount of precipitation could fall in Moscow on Friday.

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Are the US anthem and “Khasbulat the daring” the same tune?

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 03. Either a bus, or a vision. When will the modernization of public transport reach cities and villages? 19/01/2022

They write that the melody of the US national anthem is completely torn off from the Russian song “Khasbulat Udaloy”. Indeed, one on one! How to understand this?

Expert answer 0 + –

Responding Candidate of Historical Sciences Alexander Bayramov:

– Indeed, these melodies are very similar. Moreover, the composition “The Star-Spangled Banner”, i.e. “The Banner Spangled with Stars”, officially became the anthem of the United States in 1931. And the poem of the poet, officer and veteran of the Caucasian War Alexander Ammosov, which formed the basis of the song about Khasbulat, appeared in print in 1858

The music was adapted to it in 1890. So, according to all formal signs, it turns out that ours managed to do it earlier, and significantly. And the Americans just stole the melody.

But there is one catch. Composition “The Star-Spangled Banner” by that time it was already an anthem. True, not the state, but the fleet. The US Navy adopted it as an anthem a long time ago. The words were taken from the poem “The Defense of Fort McHenry”, written in 1814. At the same time, the song was first performed in Baltimore. Another thing is that the Americans whistled the melody of their anthem. Its author was the English composer John Stafford Smith, who in 1780 wrote for the London club “Anacreontic Society”; hymn “To Anacreon in Heaven”. In this hymn, a promise was made to the ancient Greek poet Anacreon, who above all put good wine, a friendly feast and the love of beautiful women, to follow his precepts.

Apparently, both Americans and Russians musical inspiration was drawn from one source.

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Media: fighters of the elite military unit of Britain arrived in Ukraine

The UK has deployed about 30 troops from the newly created Army Special Operations Brigade to Ukraine, Sky News reports.

According to the TV channel, British fighters will train the Ukrainian armed forces to use new anti-tank weapons, transferred by the United Kingdom. 

It is specified that the military belong to the ranger regiment.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that London had been sending weapons to Ukraine for several days aircraft of their Air Force. In this regard, the diplomat called on the West to stop contributing to the militarization of Ukraine, dragging it into NATO.

Meanwhile, it became known about the plans of the Czech authorities to send shells for heavy artillery of 152 mm caliber to Ukraine.

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Russia sends two S-400 battalions to Belarus for exercises

Two divisions of S-400 air defense missile systems are sent to Belarus from the Far East, the RF Ministry of Defense reported.

The air defense units will reach the Belarusian test sites in a combined way: by rail and at its own pace. On Friday, the divisions marched to the station in the Khabarovsk Territory and loaded the equipment onto the railway platforms.

After arrival, the servicemen will equip positions and take up combat training as part of the test of the reaction forces of the Union State.

Recall that in December, the leaders of the two countries, Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko, agreed to conduct an unscheduled inspection of the troops and assess their readiness to ensure military security.

The inspection will take place in two stages. At the first stage, until February 9, the redeployment and creation of groupings of troops, the organization of the protection and defense of important state and military facilities, the protection of the border in the airspace, the verification of the readiness and ability of the on-duty forces and air defense systems will be carried out.

At the final stage the Belarusian-Russian exercises “Allied Resolve-2022” will take place. They are scheduled from 10 to 20 February.

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Dismantled monument to Lenin put up for auction in Ukraine

The dismantled monument to the founder of the Soviet state, Vladimir Lenin, was put up for auction in the city of Novgorod-Seversky, Chernihiv region of Ukraine, TASS reports.

The offer is placed on the site of electronic public and government procurement. It is valid until January 26th. The starting price of the bronze sculpture is almost 394,000 hryvnias (about $14,000).

The monument to Lenin was demolished in October 2016. It is stored at one of the municipal enterprises of the city and, by decision of the city council, was recognized as scrap metal.

Recall that in May 2015, a law on decommunization came into force in Ukraine, which involves renaming settlements and streets named after Soviet state figures, as well as a ban on the use of symbols of the USSR. All registered monuments to Lenin were dismantled, 52 thousand streets and almost a thousand settlements were renamed.

Earlier, the expert told how many monuments to Lenin remained in the former USSR.

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Russian troops will receive a system of remote mining “Agriculture”

A separate engineering brigade of the Central Military District (TsVO), based in Bashkiria, will receive the “Agriculture” remote mining system by the end of the year. This was announced by the head of the engineering troops of the Central Military District, Colonel Andrey Gandzyuk.

Such weapons will go to the troops for the first time. According to the colonel, the new system allows faster installation of minefields, especially in hard-to-reach places. In addition, at a given time, mines can be deactivated or self-destruct, which ensures safe and quick clearance after the cessation of hostilities.

The press service of the Central Military District specified that the “Agriculture” includes a combat vehicle on a KamAZ all-terrain chassis, a transport-loading vehicle and transport-launch containers with engineering ammunition equipped with mines.

Factory tests of the system began a few years ago and were successfully completed. In 2020, the equipment was handed over to the army for military testing in conditions as close as possible to actual operation. AiF.ru found out what features this machine has.

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The DPR announced the preparation of Kiev for active hostilities

Ukrainian Armed Forces deployed eight Smerch multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) to Donbass and “Hurricane” and are now preparing to attack. This was reported in the People's Militia of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR), RIA Novosti reports.

“The command of the People's Militia of the DPR records the preparation of units of the armed formations of Ukraine to unleash active hostilities in the Donbas”, – reported in the department.

According to a police representative, Donetsk came to such conclusions on the basis of intelligence data received.

Earlier, the head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin, said that the authorities of the republic were ready for any kind of action from Kiev, including a chemical attack.

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Beam of Academician Basov. Will a monument be erected to the father of the Soviet laser?

Russia in different eras was rich in geniuses in various fields, who gave all their talent and strength to serve the Motherland. Some of them were honored in full, but over time they begin to forget about someone, which is extremely annoying.

«It is necessary to celebrate a glorious date»

Russia» addressed Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of the Soviet and Russian physicist Nikolai Basov.

“We ask you … within the framework of historical and cultural education, to consider the possibility of implementing, under the auspices of the government of the Russian Federation, a number of measures dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of N. G. Basov, in particular, to erect a monument to him in the science city of Troitsk and a toponymic plaque on Academician Basov Square in Moscow», — stated in the appeal, the text of which is given by TASS.

The Strong Russia Initiative supported by the leader of the Communist Party Gennady Zyuganov. “I found the period when Basov and Prokhorov shone on the scientific horizon and did everything to ensure that our science, from fundamental to applied, showed the best examples, — Zyuganov said in an interview with the Public News Service. — Basov's invention now solves many problems. A friend of mine recently needed a minor abdominal operation. With the help of a laser, everything was done superbly … The same applies to the defense of the country. Therefore, with three hands, “FOR” to erect a monument to Basov. And, of course, this glorious date should be celebrated.

Front-line soldier goes to science

About Basov, you can say this — this is a man of the era who has become a man of the era. He was born in the town of Usman on December 14, 1922, thus becoming the only Nobel laureate in history who was born in a country called the RSFSR. The republic proclaimed after October 1917, sixteen days after the birth of Basov, became part of an even larger country — Soviet Union.

Nikolai's father was an expert on the impact of forest plantations on groundwater and surface drainage. A few years later, the Basov family moved to Voronezh. There, Nikolai graduated from high school, but his dreams of higher education were put aside — the Great Patriotic War began. In Kuibyshev, Basov received the specialty of a medical assistant & nbsp; and since 1943 he ended up in the army. With 1st Ukrainian Front, he reached Prague.

Basov was demobilized in December 1945. The front-line soldier entered MEPhI. Already in his third year, Basov worked as a laboratory assistant at the Lebedev Physical Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Senior colleagues noted that the student promises to become a great scientist. Bass expectations did not deceive — already by 1956, he defended his doctoral thesis on the study of a molecular generator, where ammonia was used as an active medium. 

Laureates of the Lenin Prize (1959) physicists Nikolai Gennadievich Basov (left) and Alexander Mikhailovich Prokhorov — founders of quantum electronics. Photo: RIA Novosti/D. Chernov

Let there be a laser!

To the uninitiated, this will not say much, but the work of Basov in collaboration with his supervisor Alexander Prokhorovmade breakthroughs in the field of quantum physics. Soviet scientists established the principle of amplification and generation of electromagnetic radiation by quantum systems, which made it possible in 1954 to create the first quantum generator (maser) based on a beam of ammonia molecules. This was a step towards the creation of lasers, which are now actively used in various fields of human activity.

For the development of a new principle for the generation and amplification of radio waves (the creation of molecular generators and amplifiers), Basov and Prokhorov were awarded the Lenin Prize in 1959, and in 1964, together with Charles Townesfor “fundamental work in the field of quantum electronics, which led to the creation of generators and amplifiers based on the laser-maser principle”, the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded.

Knowledge — strength

Those were the times when no one had any doubts about the leadership of Soviet science in the world. Basov generated ideas one by one — proposed methods for laser heating of plasma, analyzed the processes of stimulating chemical reactions by laser radiation, put forward a proposal to use a laser for controlled thermonuclear fusion, etc.

Nobel Prize winner, Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences Nikolai Basov (right) and employees of the Lebedev Physical Institute in the laboratory of quantum radiophysics. Photo: RIA Novosti/Anatoly Sergeev-Vasiliev

Not everything Basov did was discussed openly. For any great scientist, part of the activity is related to defense tasks. But whatever he undertook, he worked carefully and scrupulously everywhere.

Basov created an entire scientific school, closely followed the growth of his students, since he saw the task in the further development of new areas of physics. He also managed to edit several scientific journals and for 12 years was the head of the All-Union Educational Society “Knowledge”.

“Our theoretical developments are embodied in devices abroad. There these devices often remain»

It is hard to even imagine what it was like for him in the 1990s, when the once advanced Soviet science was practically thrown into the dustbin by market liberals. The pillars of Soviet physics, the Nobel laureates, fought to preserve at least a small part of the heritage, hoping that these “twilight of the mind” didn't come forever. Basov understood that the lost generation of scientists was setting back the country's progress by decades. Unfortunately, even a Nobel laureate at that time found it difficult to reach out to the powers that be.

P. N. Lebedev Physical Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences (since 1991 – Russian Academy of Sciences). Nobel Prize winner Nikolai Gennadievich Basov monitors the installation mode for observing the induced combined scattering of ruby ​​laser radiation in Photo: RIA Novosti/Anatoly Sergeev-Vasiliev

A year before his death, speaking at a meeting of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Basov said: “We must create at least minimal conditions in our laboratories, otherwise our theoretical developments will be embodied in specific devices abroad. There, these devices often remain. The best students, seeing no prospects, went abroad, even the own son of the Twice Hero of Socialist Labor found work in America.

A lighthouse for new generations

Basov himself would be accepted with open arms there , but he remained faithful to the country to the last. The Nobel Prize winner passed away in the summer of 2001, when it was not yet clear whether there would be a revival of the lost. But the scientist believed in the best.

Probably, even now Russian science is still far from those positions in the world that Soviet science occupied. Getting up after a fall is always difficult. But, again storming the lost heights, it is worth paying tribute to those who today serve as a high benchmark. The way Nikolai Gennadievich Basov was.

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30 years later. The court arrested the accused in the murder of Talkov

A new step has been taken in the investigation into the murder of singer Igor Talkov, since which more than thirty years have passed. A decision has been made to arrest the suspect. This verdict, however, was delivered in absentia.

“From the moment of extradition, or from the moment of detention”

According to TASS with reference to the joint press service of the courts of St. Petersburg , On January 20, 2022, the Petrograd Court of St. Petersburg arrested Valery Shlyafman in absentia. “The measure for Shlyafman was chosen for two months from the moment of extradition to the territory of the Russian Federation, or from the moment of detention on the territory of the Russian Federation,” — the message says.

The reopening of the investigation into the murder, which took place on October 6, 1991, became known in 2018. “On November 13, 2018, the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia for St. Petersburg resumed the investigation of a criminal case initiated on the grounds of a crime under par. “b”, “d” Art. 102 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR, on the fact of the murder on October 6, 1991 in the sports palace “Yubileiny” singer Igor Talkov, — according to a statement posted on the agency's website. — During the investigation, sufficient evidence was collected, on the basis of which, on May 6, 1992 and March 18, 1993, decisions were made to bring Valery Shlyafman as an accused in the murder of Igor Talkov through negligence, i.e. on the grounds of a crime under Article 106 of the Criminal Code RSFSR, a preventive measure in the form of detention was chosen. It was established that in January 1992, Shlyafman left for permanent residence in the State of Israel. On March 19, 1993, the criminal proceedings were suspended on the basis of paragraph 1 of part 1 of Art. 195 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the RSFSR (in the case when the accused has fled from the investigation or court, or when for other reasons his whereabouts have not been established), », — stated in the press service of the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee for St. Petersburg.

Tatyana Talkova, the widow of the murdered man, was recognized as the victim in the case.

On October 14, 2021, the crime was reclassified from Article 106 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR (“Murder committed by negligence”) to paragraph “d” article 102 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR (“Murder and attempted murder committed in a way dangerous to life”).

The conflict in Yubileiny

34-year-old Talkov was killed in the Palace Sports «Jubilee» in St. Petersburg during a combined concert of Soviet pop stars, organized by the production company LIS’S.

The performer, who started with lyrical songs, in the last years of his activity focused on exposing the Soviet regime, creating a whole musical program called “Court”. For this reason, versions were put forward that high-ranking representatives of the Soviet elite or KGB officers could be involved in the death of Talkov.

However, such assumptions were not confirmed. Talkov was the victim of a conflict that broke out behind the scenes. The reason was the order in which the artists entered the stage. Since it was considered prestigious to perform as late as possible, 28-year-old Igor Malakhov, bodyguard of the singer Aziza, tried to convince the organizers of the concert and the Talkov team to give up their turn.

About five minutes before Talkov's supposed appearance on the stage, a skirmish broke out between him and Malakhov in his dressing room, after which the artist's guards took Aziza's bodyguard into the corridor.

“How painful”

There, Malakhov took out a revolver of the Nagant system and pointed it at his opponents. His concert director Shlyafman ran up to Talkov, shouting: “Igor, give me something, he got a gun.” Talkov replied: “We will find our own for his cannon.” After that, the singer took out his gas pistol and went out into the corridor.

The musician shot several times from a gas pistol in the direction of Malakhov. The shots had no effect, perhaps due to the fact that the cartridges were faulty or expired. Talkov's security, taking advantage of Malakhov's confusion, attacked him. Malakhov managed to fire two shots from his revolver. One bullet hit the floor, the second hit the equipment box.

Then the revolver was knocked out of Malakhov's hands. But, nevertheless, the third shot from him still happened, and the bullet hit the singer.

According to witnesses, Talkov said: “How painful.” Then he walked a few meters to the stage, fell near a large mirror and died within minutes. By the time the ambulance arrived, it was already impossible to help the singer. Nevertheless, doctors, who feared excesses, took the already dead Talkov to the hospital, where his death was confirmed.

The forensic experts agreed that the wounding of Igor Talkov left no chance of survival.

The examination did not confirm Malakhov's guilt

A criminal case No. 381959 was initiated into the murder of Talkov by the prosecutor's office of the city of St. Petersburg. The first charge in the murder of Talkov was brought against Malakhov, who fled the scene and was put on the All-Union wanted list on October 10, 1991. On October 16, Malakhov voluntarily surrendered to the authorities.

Initially, it was believed that Aziza's bodyguard shot. But the examination showed that Malakhov could not fire the fatal shot. Everything pointed to the fact that they were shooting from the place where Shlyafman was.

In May 1994, the Petrogradsky District Court of St. Petersburg sentenced Malakhov to two and a half years of suspended imprisonment for the illegal acquisition and carrying of firearms .

After that, Malakhov disappeared for almost 20 years. New information about him appeared only in the early 2010s. It became known that Aziza's former bodyguard changed his last name, lived in the village and was married to an actress. In 2016, it became known that the defendant in the Talkov murder case died after a serious illness.

No extradition from Israel

Concert director Shlyafman left for Israel for permanent residence in February 1992.

Several appeals from Russian law enforcement agencies to their Israeli counterparts with a request for assistance in the investigation did not yield any results. In 1997, the Prosecutor General of Russia, Yuri Skuratov, announced that if the evidence provided was considered convincing enough, Shlyafman would be tried in Israel. However, no investigation and prosecution of Shlyafman in Israel followed.

The former concert director himself, who changed his last name, remained silent for a long time, but in 2012 he told Komsomolskaya Pravda: “The murder took place on October 6th. And I left on February 12! I didn't run. Talkov's wife warned that I was going to Israel. It was to everyone's advantage that the matter be hushed up, that my departure was looked through. Through Kiev flew to Tel Aviv. The investigator came here five months later to interrogate me, but he was not allowed to. The Russian prosecutor's office made so many requests about me! And the Israeli prosecutor's office told them: send the case materials, if guilty, we will judge, and if not, leave it alone. The case was not sent. Nobody wants to be carried through to the end. About eight years ago, they sent a paper that the case was closed due to prescription. I had to sign, but I refused. I stated that I could only sign a termination for lack of corpus delicti. This would recognize my innocence.

Shlyafman insisted that Malakhov was the killer, and the evidence against him was destroyed in order to hush up the case. However, it is not clear who and why would need to shield Malakhov — the version of the political assassination was not confirmed, and Malakhov himself had no serious connections in the criminal world.

Stupidity and cheap “show-offs”

The representative of the investigation, as part of the current meeting on the choice of a measure of restraint, said that Shlyafman initially interfered with the investigation, trying to put the case on the wrong track, and not only testifying against Malakhov, but and urging others to do the same. According to the competent authorities, Shlyafman's guilt is confirmed by expert opinions and investigative experiments.

The political version, general chaos in the country, active interference with the investigation by Shlyafman prevented the investigation from being brought to its logical conclusion back in 1991-1992. Although eyewitnesses noted — the concert director, by his behavior, actually dragged Talkov into a conflict, instead of trying to save him from a dangerous situation.

Fans of conspiracy and now continue to stomp on this story no worse than on the notorious “Dyatlov Pass”. True, the main problem now is not in them. Shlyafman, who is now 57 years old, is an Israeli citizen, and, to put it mildly, is not rushing to his homeland to stand trial. In these circumstances, it is difficult to imagine bringing the story to its logical end, at least in the usual order of legal proceedings.

As for the real reasons for the murder of Talkov, retired police lieutenant colonel Andrey Kivinov , the author of the idea of ​​the legendary “Streets of Broken Lanterns”, once very accurately described what happened in the “Yubileiny” as a common story of that era: “Due to any stupidity and cheap show-offs, they could start shooting. In addition, nervousness reigned in society: a little — clung to the barrel».

So, we can say that Talkov was ruined by the onset of the criminal era, a quick temper and a mistake in choosing a person who enjoyed his trust.

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A trader from the Mitinsky market was detained while selling microchips for the S-400

RBC sources: a Russian was detained while trying to sell S-400 chips on the Mitinsky market According to RBC sources, the detained businessman brought military microchips from Ukraine. He sold them for 15 thousand rubles. per piece

The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against an individual entrepreneur for importing chips for S-300 and S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) into Russia and their further sale on the Mitinsky radio market. This was reported to RBC by a source in the territorial police department and confirmed by a source familiar with the materials of the case for smuggling from Ukraine to Russia.

According to sources, Konstantin Kozgunov, a 58-year-old individual entrepreneur, took out ten microcircuits from Ukraine that belong to military products and are used to create the S-300 Favorit air defense system. and the S-400 “Triumph” air defense system. At the same time, eight out of ten microcircuits were in working condition, the interlocutor of RBC specified.

After that, Kozgunov tried to sell microcircuits on the Mitinsky radio market at a price of 15 thousand rubles. apiece, but was detained by the FSB. A criminal case was opened against the businessman under Part 1 of Art. 226.1 of the Criminal Code (“Smuggling”). The maximum punishment under this article provides for imprisonment for up to seven years. As a preventive measure, they chose a written undertaking not to leave, the source added.

RBC sent a request to the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Moscow.

S-400 long-range air defense system “Triumph” designed to destroy strategic and tactical aircraft, ballistic missiles, hypersonic targets and other means of air attack in the conditions of electronic and other types of countermeasures. In addition to Russia, the S-400s are in service in Turkey, India, Syria and China.

S-300 air defense systems— an early version of the S-400, which has been produced since 1975 in the territory of the former USSR. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, about 250 such complexes remained on the territory of Ukraine.

In April last year, the court sentenced Ukrainian citizen Oleksandr Marchenko to ten years in prison in a strict regime colony. The man was accused of espionage. According to the FSB, in May 2018, he tried to take spare parts for the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system out of Russia. The Russian special services detained him in 2019.

Marchenko received the assignment from Petr Khomenko, an employee of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) of Ukraine, the FSB found out. Spare parts were supposed to be transferred to the Ukrainian exporter of military equipment of the state company “Ukroboronservice” through an intermediary firm in Macedonia. From an employee of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, Marchenko received $163,000.

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Lavrov spoke about the US reaction to security guarantees

Lavrov: Russia received a preliminary reaction from the United States on security guarantees The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry stressed that Russia had heard only a preliminary reaction on security guarantees. According to him, the United States will submit a written response next week “Lavrov reported on the US reaction on security guarantees” />

Segrgey Lavrov

During the meeting in Geneva, the Russian side heard a preliminary oral reaction to the projects proposed by the US and NATO on security guarantees. This was stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov following a meeting with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, broadcast by RBC.

“The reaction was preliminary, we were warned about this. It was accompanied by some clarifying questions addressed to us, the answers to which will help the American side <…> to prepare a written reaction to our written drafts under an agreement with the United States and under an agreement with NATO,— Lavrov said.

He also stressed that the experience of communicating with Western partners “is replete with examples when something was promised but not fulfilled,” but the parties expressed satisfaction with the negotiations. “Anthony Blinken told me that he was satisfied with the exchange of views that took place, which will help them [USA] next week <…> provide us with a written response [about security guarantees]»,— noted the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

When asked by an RBC correspondent about the right to make public the US responses when they are at the disposal of the Russian side, Lavrov said that he would turn to Blinken with a corresponding request.

Lavrov and Blinken's talks on Russian proposals for security guarantees took place in Geneva and lasted 1.5 hours. Earlier, Lavrov noted that he does not expect a breakthrough in relations with the United States from the negotiations, but he hopes to receive answers on security guarantees. Blinken also said that the State Department did not expect breakthroughs following the Geneva meeting, but would like to find out what the Kremlin came up with as a result of the consultations.

In December 2021, Russia sent the United States and NATO draft agreements on security guarantees, in which they proposed the alliance to consolidate the non-expansion of the alliance to the east, in particular at the expense of the countries of the former USSR, and also to refuse to deploy weapons in countries adjacent to Russia. After that, on January 9 and 10, negotiations between Russia and the United States were held in Geneva, on January 12, the documents were discussed within the framework of the Council of Russia— NATO in Brussels. A day later, the third round of negotiations took place along the line of Russia— OSCE on the same topic.

Following the results of the talks, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that they were unsuccessful. US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, who represented the country at the talks, also announced proposals unacceptable to the Americans, in particular, Ukraine's non-entry into NATO and the return of the alliance's borders by 1997.

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Lukashenko urged the West to “not get involved” with Russia and Belarus

Lukashenko: Russia and Belarus don't want war, but “you don't have to mess with them” Lukashenko pointed out the need to protect the border with Ukraine, whose authorities are behaving “unpredictably and inadequately.” He stressed that neither Moscow nor Minsk want war, but they will respond to aggression in such a way that “it won’t seem enough”

Alexander Lukashenko

Belarus and Russia do not want war, but in the event of aggression against the Union State, “they will break so that it doesn’t seem enough,” Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko warned, BelTA reports.

“Therefore, you don’t need to mess with us. We cannot be defeated. <…> I'm not threatening, I'm just warning: God save you! said the president at a meeting on strengthening the military security of Belarus.

At the same time, Moscow and Minsk have enough land, “God forbid, hold it and develop it,” Lukashenka believes. “I think the leadership of Russia will also understand me. <…> God forbid, war, it will affect everyone. That's why we don't want to fight,»— he emphasized.

The President of the Republic at the meeting said that the border with Ukraine needs reliable protection. According to Lukashenka, ten years ago it was hard to imagine that the country “would have to create military units and a whole association to protect <…> southern borders» and build “not just a fence, but the most expensive security system on the southern borders” to defend against “relatives” her people. Belarus “with pain in the heart” observes how the leadership of Ukraine, “being under external control, sometimes behaves unpredictably and inadequately,” the president said.

unpredictability, inadequacy— and in case, God forbid, military action, we need to decide, & mdash; explained the head of state.

The President of Belarus has previously expressed concern about a possible threat from the south. In September 2021, he instructed to pay special attention to the border with Ukraine, where Western countries, in his opinion, are “dragging NATO troops”, creating “virtually bases” under the guise of training centers.

On January 17, Lukashenka announced the joint Belarusian-Russian exercises “Allied Resolve”. “Today we see that we need to conduct solid exercises in this western and southern region, the “Belarusian balcony”, — he said. The maneuvers will take place from 10 to 20 February and will be a reaction to the “continuing militarization of European countries.” The military personnel during the exercises will work out “a certain plan in confrontation with these forces: the west (the Baltic states and Poland) and the south (Ukraine)”. The President of Belarus has previously pointed to the gathering of more than 30,000 troops to the Belarusian borders in Poland and the Baltic States and the buildup of the military contingent from Ukraine.

Part of the Russian military has already arrived in the republic to participate in the exercises. The US State Department suggested that Russian troops deployed to Belarus to participate in the exercises could be used for an alleged attack on Ukraine from the north.

On the western border of Belarus, the situation with migrants worsened last fall. Columns of refugees (mainly from the Middle East) tried to break into the EU from the territory of the republic. In Poland and Lithuania, they announced the need to pull army and police forces to the border. After several days of clashes and negotiations between Lukashenka and the leadership of Germany, the migrants left the camps.

Last year, the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border also worsened. In the foreign media and from the mouths of Western politicians, speculation began to sound about the impending Russian invasion of Ukraine. Moscow has repeatedly stated that it is not going to attack the neighboring country. Lukashenka said that Belarus would support Russia if Ukraine showed aggression against it.

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Blinken called the deadlines for a written response from Russia on security guarantees

Blinken: US to submit written response on security guarantees next week The US will provide a written response to Russia's proposals on security guarantees after negotiations with allies. At a meeting with Lavrov, Blinken asked “clarifying questions” that will help formulate the final answer .jpg” alt=”Blinken announced the deadline for Russia's written response on security guarantees” />

Anthony Blinken

The US will submit a written response to Russia on security guarantees next week, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said at a press conference in Geneva after meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“I told him (Lavrov.— RBC) that in the coming days we will hold talks with our partners and allies and after that, I hope, we will convey our concerns and ideas to Russia in more detail and in writing next week,— said Blinken.

Following the results of the meeting, the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs also called the same terms. Lavrov noted that the reaction voiced by Blinken at the talks to the draft security guarantees proposed by Moscow was preliminary and “accompanied by some clarifying questions”, the answers to which should help the United States formulate a written response.

According to Blinken, they Lavrov agree that diplomatic work should continue. After the Russian side gets acquainted with the US proposals, Washington and Moscow agreed to continue discussing this topic, the US Secretary of State said.

Negotiations in Geneva lasted 1.5 hours. Both Blinken and Lavrov said they did not expect breakthroughs from the meeting. The Russian side hoped to receive answers on security guarantees, and Washington wanted to know what the Kremlin had come to as a result of the consultations that had already taken place.

At the beginning of the meeting, the US Secretary of State stressed that the United States is counting on a peaceful solution to problems with Russia. He called the talks another attempt to achieve de-escalation and prevent a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Lavrov, at a press conference following a meeting with Blinken, said that Russia had never threatened the Ukrainian people.

Negotiations on draft agreements on security guarantees were held from 10 to 13 January. Russia discussed them with the US, NATO and the OSCE. The key requirement of Russia— the termination of the expansion of the North Atlantic Alliance to the east, first of all, this refers to the refusal of Ukraine and Georgia in NATO membership. Other points concern the deployment of weapons and military bases in Europe and the countries of the former USSR.

According to the results of the negotiations, the parties did not come to specific agreements. The Kremlin called the talks “unsuccessful.” Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Ryabkov noted that the West proposes to discuss certain points, refusing to fulfill key requirements. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg confirmed the alliance's commitment to the “open door policy” and free choice by Ukraine of its own path. But he stressed that the bloc is ready to discuss certain demands of Russia.

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Blinken showed Russia a way to prove to the world that it does not want aggression

State Dept. Chief Blinken: Russia should withdraw troops from Ukraine border According to Secretary of State, Russia has amassed 100,000 troops on Ukraine's borders and should start by withdrawing troops to convince the world there are no plans to “invade”

< /p> Anthony Blinken and Sergey Lavrov

Russia should start by withdrawing its troops from the borders of Ukraine if it wants to convince the whole world that there are no aggressive plans. This was announced following talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, broadcast by RBC.

According to him, Russia has concentrated more than 100,000 troops on the border with Ukraine and deployed forces to Belarus, which gives Moscow the opportunity to attack Ukraine from the south, east and north. “If Russia wants to convince the world that there are no aggressive plans towards Ukraine, it should start by de-escalating and withdrawing its troops from the borders,” — Blinken pointed out.

The Secretary of State noted that the negotiations with Lavrov were frank, but the US position on Ukraine remains unchanged. “I conveyed the position of the United States and our European allies and partners that we strongly support Ukraine, its sovereignty and territorial integrity,” — he pointed out.

At the same time, Lavrov, following the results of the negotiations, said that Russia had never voiced threats against the Ukrainian people. “Russia has never, nowhere, never threatened the Ukrainian people through the mouths of its official representatives,” — pointed out by the minister.

Lavrov and Blinken's talks on Russian proposals for security guarantees took place in Geneva and lasted 1.5 hours. Prior to the meeting, Lavrov said he did not expect any breakthroughs from the conversation, but Moscow intends to get US responses to security initiatives. Blinken, in turn, pointed to Washington's desire to peacefully resolve emerging problems in relations with Moscow.

In December 2021, the Russian Foreign Ministry sent the United States and NATO draft agreements on security guarantees, in which they proposed the alliance to consolidate the non-expansion of the alliance to the east, in particular at the expense of the countries of the former USSR, and also to abandon the deployment of weapons in countries adjacent to Russia. After that, on January 9 and 10, negotiations between Russia and the United States were held in Geneva, on January 12, the documents were discussed within the framework of the Council of Russia— NATO in Brussels. After that, the third round of negotiations took place along the line of Russia— OSCE on the same topic. As a result, the parties did not achieve concrete results, but agreed to continue the dialogue.

Russia demanded security guarantees after another escalation in eastern Ukraine last fall. Then a number of Western media, including The Washington Post and Potitico, reported on the accumulation of Russian troops on the borders of Ukraine. After that, about the “Russian invasion” Ukrainian and Western politicians started talking. The Kremlin denied such intentions and repeatedly emphasized that Russia is moving military equipment across its territory, which it has every right to do.

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Ryabkov promised “serious decisions” in case of disappointment with the US response

Ryabkov: Russia will take serious measures if the US response to its proposals disappoints Moscow But if this answer disappoints Moscow, it will make “serious political decisions” ” alt=”Ryabkov promised 'serious decisions' in case of disappointment with the US response” />

Sergei Ryabkov

Russia will be forced to make serious political decisions if it is not satisfied with the US response to proposals for security guarantees, said on the TV channel «Russia 24» Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

“I do not want to anticipate what may happen in the near future, due to the fact that so far there is no formal written response from the United States and NATO to our proposals. If this answer is disappointing, then serious political decisions will have to be made, about which our president warned, including publicly, opponents from the other side, — said the diplomat.

He stressed that Russia does not want conflict, does not attack or threaten anyone, but only seeks to protect its own interests.

On Friday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken discussed the projects proposed by Moscow in Geneva. Lavrov, following the talks, noted that the reaction of the American side was preliminary and was accompanied by clarifying questions, and Washington would provide a written answer next week. Blinken later confirmed this date.

The negotiations lasted an hour and a half. Blinken at the beginning of the discussion said that the United States was counting on a peaceful solution to problems with Moscow. “We do not expect to be able to resolve our differences today. But I hope and expect that today we will understand whether dialogue and a diplomatic path for a peaceful solution are still possible, — he said.

At a press conference after the meeting, Blinken said that the parties agreed to continue diplomatic contacts after the United States conveyed its “concerns and ideas” to Russia.

Since 10 By January 13, Russia discussed with the United States, NATO, and the OSCE draft treaties proposed by it on security guarantees. One of the key demands of Russia was the refusal of the North Atlantic Alliance to expand to the east and to include the countries of the former USSR in its composition. Moscow also suggested that NATO exclude the deployment of weapons and military bases in countries adjacent to Russia.

According to the results of these negotiations, it was not possible to come to specific agreements. Ryabkov noted that the West offers to discuss certain points, but refuses to fulfill the main requirements. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stressed that Russia has no right to veto Ukraine's entry into the alliance.

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Blinken delivered an ultimatum to Lavrov: negotiations or war

Anthony Blinken. Photo: Wikipedia.org.

U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said at a press conference after meeting in Geneva with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that he warned of Moscow's choice between negotiations and war.

“Russia faces a choice – negotiations or conflict “, – said Blinken.

He added that the US is ready for both options.

Blinken also warned Lavrov that “the crossing of the Ukrainian border by Russian troops will be considered an invasion and will entail a response.”

In general, he noted that today's discussions with Lavrov were “not negotiations, but frank exchange of ideas. The Secretary of State said he presented the Russian minister with a number of security ideas and assured them that they were all based on the principle of reciprocity. He also stressed that the allies are ready to work on resolving Russia's security concerns.

Recall that earlier the Kremlin has repeatedly denied statements by representatives of Western states that Russia is preparing an attack on Ukraine. Today at a press conference Sergey Lavrov stressed that “Russia has never threatened the Ukrainian people.”

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“The trouble is, if the shoemaker starts the oven pies”

Konstantin Zatulin – on the interpretation of his words about citizenship for compatriots

This is not the first time I am convinced of this folk wisdom, reading on different sites a distorted presentation of my words in someone's interpretation. In the program “Smart Guys” on the radio “Moscow Talks” on January 19, I spoke about the need to develop our legislation on citizenship in order to simplify the passportization of our compatriots abroad.

< img src="https://static.mk.ru/upload/entities/2022/01/21/13/articles/detailPicture/ee/be/fc/b6/a131f6dd0577f305b24529a9d05488b0.jpg" height="412" width=" 550" />

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

That we are now fighting for the recognition of the right of our compatriots to repatriate to Russia – and so far, unfortunately, without meeting understanding from the government. But at the next stage, it is necessary to achieve an appropriate amendment of the Law on Citizenship so that our compatriots abroad can, without moving to Russia, on the spot, acquire Russian citizenship without requiring them to renounce their citizenship of their country of residence on our part. 

I said that if we had taken this path earlier, then by now half of the citizens of Ukraine and half of the citizens of Kazakhstan would also be holders of Russian passports at the same time.

What it turned into in the interpretation of the interpreters, I quote: “The right to a Russian passport should be only for those who lived or live in the territory that historically belonged to Russia, the parliamentarian noted.”

Do not confuse the cut with buckwheat, as they say in our village. Everything once belonged to the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, but I'm not talking about territories, but about compatriots, people of consanguineous origin with us. That is why, as I said, with all due respect, I do not attribute Kyrgyz or Uzbeks to our compatriots for the most part – they have their own homeland, Kyrgyzstan. Uzbekistan. These peoples did not historically live in the territory that makes up the current Russian Federation. They, of course, have the right to receive Russian citizenship on an individual basis, like all other foreigners who have grounds for this. 

But Russians, wherever they live, Ukrainians, Belarusians, as consanguineous with our state-forming people, people, Tatars, Yakuts, Adygs and representatives of other peoples historically living in the Russian Federation, belong to the category of our compatriots, even if by the will of fate they ended up abroad.

Our compatriots abroad, to support whom now, according to the new version of the Constitution, it is the constitutional duty of the Russian state to know that, in accordance with the laws adopted in Russia, they have the right both to obtain Russian citizenship and to move (repatriate) to Russia, if desired or necessary. Talk about people, not about territories.

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The air defense colonel assessed the consequences for the West of the transfer of the C-400 to Belarus

How to ensure a no-fly zone over Poland and Ukraine

To participate in the joint Russian-Belarusian military exercises “Allied Resolve-2022”, S -400. According to military analysts, if the S-400 launchers are installed in the west of Belarus, they will, if necessary, provide a no-fly zone over almost all of Poland.

Photo: ru.wikipedia.org Vitaly V. Kuzmin

When the S-400 is deployed in the south of Belarus, in which case the main part of the sky over Ukraine becomes a no-fly zone.

Is this true, and why should we this is necessary – “MK” was told by the ex-head of the anti-aircraft missile forces of the Special Forces Command (air defense district of Moscow), reserve colonel Sergey Khatylev.

– The deployment of the S-400 in Belarus, – the expert believes, – can just be attributed to those military-technical measures that our president spoke about as retaliatory measures in case we do not get consent to our proposals from the West.

Some understand by such measures the entry of our troops into Ukraine – and they say, our infantry will move along its roads, and Russian tanks will move across the fields. Nothing like that will happen. We don't need to move anyone. Right now, with the transfer of the S-400 to Belarus, we are just observing one of the options for answering the question: what kind of retaliatory measures will this be? The same can be attributed to the Iskander complexes, which are designed to strike at ground targets. If they were deployed in the Kaliningrad region, then a significant part of Europe is in the zone of their defeat.

Colonel Khatylev explained that if the S-400s are indeed deployed in the west of Belarus or on its southern borders, then it will turn out that the locators of this complex will be able to see all air targets at a distance of up to 600 kilometers. That is, in fact, to view almost the entire airspace over neighboring countries. Shooting in this case with 40N6 missiles in the homing mode will be possible at targets at a distance of about 400 km. Why do you not have one of the options for a military-technical response to NATO's approach to our borders?

Moreover, the expert notes, the S-400 alone is never installed. Together with them, the Pantsir complexes are usually placed, which are used as a means of direct protection and defense of the S-400. “Shells” work at low and ultra-low altitudes. The alignment is something like this: to protect one S-300 or S-300 division, you need about four “Shells”, which also have their own command post. So, if the S-400s are transferred to the exercises, Khatylev believes, then “together with them there will still be healthy how many of our equipment will be!”.

– Why, in fact, do Americans and Europeans raise such a cry? – says the expert. – By installing our S-400 systems directly at the borders of Europe, we deprive their AWACS-type reconnaissance aircraft of the opportunity to fly up and view Russian territory. At a distance of 600 km from the border, they are already spotted by the locators of our air defense systems, and at a distance of 400 km from the border, they fall into the S-400 kill zone. In fact, we are leveling the technical capabilities of AWACS aircraft for reconnaissance.

Colonel Khatylev reminds us that we should also not forget the capabilities of our electronic warfare (EW) equipment.

– If we cover our group more and electronic warfare equipment – and this is an indispensable condition – the expert says – then in this area a no-fly zone is formed not only for aircraft, but also for all kinds of drones, including the smallest ones. And if we add up the capabilities of electronic warfare, “long-range” S-400s and “Shells”, which will operate at low altitudes and ranges, then we can assume that an almost echeloned air defense system is being created over the border area. At the same time, it turns out that the equipment is in Russia or Belarus, and its affected area is located over Poland, Lithuania or Ukraine. And all this absolutely does not require any additional financial costs for us.

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Participant of the reburial of Stalin called the date of removal of Lenin from the mausoleum

He believes that several decades will pass

Former officer of the Kremlin regiment Vladlen Gurkovsky, who in 1961 participated in the reburial of the body of Joseph Stalin, said that the body of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin would be taken out of the mausoleum and interred after the last generation that was brought up in the Soviet Union leaves.

Photo: Natalya Muschinkina

“I won’t, the people who went to the Mausoleum, saw Lenin, respected him, won’t – then they will do it. Another 50 years or so should pass,” he said in an interview with Lente.ru.

At the same time, Gurkovsky believes that now there is no need to stir up this topic, since there are still communists who sincerely believe in the ideas of Lenin.

At the same time, the interlocutor of the publication called the burial of Stalin’s body “another matter” and noted that his father suffered from repression and was under investigation for two and a half years.

In 1961 Stalin's body, which after the death of the Soviet leader in 1953 was placed in a mausoleum, was reburied at the memorial cemetery near the walls of the Kremlin.

Gurkovsky, who at that time held the post of assistant chief of the guard, directly controlled the process of reburial.


Earlier, Moscow City Duma deputy Sergei Mitrokhin called for the removal of Lenin's body from the mausoleum, as he, in his opinion, played a negative role in the history of Russia.

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“Ukraine is waiting for the most recognition of the Donbass republics by Russia”

Political scientists appreciated the proposal of the communists

The State Duma will consider the proposal to recognize the independence of the DNR and LNR. According to speaker Viacheslav Volodin, consultations on this topic will begin next week. Earlier, deputies from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation came forward with a corresponding initiative, sending President Vladimir Putin a draft appeal “on the need to recognize the republics of Donbass. Political scientists assessed the situation.

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

After information about the communist proposal appeared in the media, presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov avoided commenting on this matter. Today he clarified that this topic needs to be approached carefully, because the situation is “so tense and so sensitive” that steps should be avoided that could increase this tension. The Kremlin warned the Communist Party of the Russian Federation about the inadmissibility of attempts to earn political points “on such a thin and fragile matter.”

Talks about recognizing the self-proclaimed republics coincided with the negotiations between Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and the US State Department Blinken in Geneva. The main topic of the meeting – European security, as well as the demand of Russian diplomats to abandon NATO expansion at the expense of Ukraine.

According to Deputy Director of the Institute of CIS Countries Vladimir Zharikhin, talk of Russia's possible recognition of the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics could set the right backdrop for the negotiation process. “As a definite argument at the meeting with Lavrov and Blinken, this is a rather useful document, but nothing more. From my point of view, recognition certainly needs to be kept in mind, but while negotiations are going on, this is not the time to take these actions. That is, we must remember that there is such a resource, and if they don’t want to negotiate with us, then we can use this tool,” the expert noted

He stressed that even if after this decision regarding Russia, sanctions, you should not worry about this, since a reason for sanctions can always be found. “Therefore, navigate and build a policy with an eye that sanctions will suddenly be imposed – this is a dead end path, because they will impose and find a reason,” Zharikhin is sure.

Political scientist Kirill Molchanovdoubts that such a document can be adopted, since there has been no trend towards this over the past years. “Recognition is unlikely, as this ruling will cut off any negotiation path. It is probably dictated by the desire of the communists to seize the initiative in power, substituting United Russia. Russia did not recognize the republic for 8 years, so why should it recognize it now? So there are few chances for this positive recognition,” Molchanov believes.

As for the attempt to blackmail the West with this argument and use the initiative as leverage in negotiations, this is also seen by the political scientist as unlikely. “I would not consider this as an element of blackmailing the West, since such a development of events would be the most desirable for the Ukrainian leadership,” the expert explained. – They would be left behind with the Minsk agreements. In addition, the problem with 3 million disloyal voters who live in these territories will be solved, Russia will receive endless sanctions, and Ukraine will no longer be kicked with this problem.

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LNR Veteran Explains Jesuit US Sanctions Plan Against Russia

The Russian Federation has not come to war yet again

U.S. Congressmen will consider a bill on sanctions against Russia, which proposes to recognize the “Russian-backed” forces of the Donbass republics as terrorist organizations. This was reported by the Washington Post. MK asked a veteran of the People's Militia of the LPR to comment on the decision of Western politicians.

Photo: pixabay.com

“Any armed formations that are associated with or controlled by the Donetsk People's Republic or the Lugansk People's Republic should be equated with foreign terrorist organizations,” one of the paragraphs of the American bill says. It was authored by Republican Jim Banks, and the document itself was called the “Putin's Responsibility Bill”. Andrey Marochko, a veteran of the People's Militia of the LPR, believes that the proposed bill, from a legal point of view, absolutely does not correspond to reality, and it is more likely that the United States itself can be accused of supporting terrorism.

– First of all, this is a reason for new sanctions. Russia has already been accused of all mortal sins, but there is no official confirmation. How many times has Russia not come to war. She was predicted that she would attack Ukraine before the new year, then after, now they have generally been postponed to spring. But Russia does not come to war. But sanctions must be introduced, and they must be for something. And this method is quite suitable to show the entire world community that Russia   “sponsors terrorists who kill Ukrainians.”

If we consider from the point of view of jurisprudence, then the Republic of Donbass under the definition of “terrorism” don't get in at all. If such facts existed, then we would have been accused of this a long time ago. No matter how much Ukraine tried to do this, and applied to international organizations, but did not come out. But in relation to the armed formations of Ukraine and Ukraine itself as a state, all theses of the concept of “terrorism” are absolutely applicable.

First of all, I want to recall the facts that they themselves admitted. These are the explosions of power lines, explosions of gas pipelines, the destruction of infrastructure, the destruction of monuments, the murders of militia leaders, including the commander of the People's Militia of the Luhansk People's Republic. There was also a detonation of an improvised explosive device near the store, as a result of which a girl, a medical worker of the People's Militia, died.

Ukrainian national battalions are recognized as Nazi and banned. This also includes the recruitment of spotters, whom they took away from our territories. For example, a girl whom they recruited, and who later in her testimony said that she really contacted the Security Service of Ukraine and corrected the fire of rocket artillery on the settlement.

– Yes. Then we exchanged it, and then it was sent somewhere to Germany. Made her a real celebrity. There were other facts as well. I have now listed exactly those facts that Ukraine itself recognized, they can be easily found on the Internet.

In the same place, a recent case that can also be attributed to terrorist methods of warfare is the abduction of an observer from the LPR in the Joint Center for Control and Nbsp; Soldiers of the Ukrainian special forces took him hostage, despite the fact that, by agreement of the parties, this category of servicemen has practically diplomatic immunity. But this did not in the least prevent him from stealing him from our territory in the literal sense of the word with the aim of & nbsp; further blackmail of our negotiating group in the Minsk Contact Group. 

I know for sure that the Ukrainian side has repeatedly voiced certain demands for Ukraine to release Kosyak. That is, it is it that is used as such a bargaining chip in order to knock out either some political preferences or some other benefit.

The United States itself already looks more like a terrorist state, since it really sponsors terrorists. There are a number of facts confirming that they provided material support to ISIS terrorists (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation) and other banned organizations. Everything that happens resembles a scheme when the thief himself shouts the loudest “Stop the thief!”. 

– From the Ukrainian side, no information about the fate of our serviceman has been received for a long time. Through our channels, we managed to find out that he was given the opportunity to meet with representatives of international organizations. As far as is known, the consul of the Russian Federation was not allowed to see him. 100 days of humiliation, insults and psychological impact, of course, cannot pass without a trace. Andrei began to have health problems. Through international organizations, he received some medicines, but that was a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, we do not know how things are now.

– Ukraine has included Kosyak in the exchange list, as far as we know. But I included it in such a way as to benefit from it for myself. Now Ukraine does not want to conduct a “procedural cleansing” those persons who were previously released by them, and grant them amnesty for all criminal cases that were initiated. That is, the person has already been transferred to the side controlled by us, but is still wanted and prosecuted by them.

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Tokayev decided to “blackmail” Kazakh oligarchs

President of Kazakhstan announced revolutionary changes in the country

President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev announced that a “new economic policy” would be pursued in the republic. The NEP should lead to a reduction in the gap between the rich and the poor, a revision of the training program, an increase in tax collection and a reduction in bureaucratic procedures. Political scientists believe that the president of Kazakhstan may not fulfill his promises, because the confrontation will be strong.

Photo: kremlin.ru < p>In his speech to business representatives, the President of Kazakhstan paid great attention to two funds – “People of Kazakhstan” and “Samruk-Kazyna”. The first was created with the direct participation of Tokayev after the January mass protests. The second was formed under Nazarbayev and played a key role in public investment. Tokayev attacked the fund, which was run by Nazarbayev's relatives, with the most serious criticism.

According to Tokayev, if Samruk-Kazyna is not reformed within the next month, the fund will be liquidated. In particular, he is not satisfied with the share of non-competitive purchases, the low quality of purchased goods.

Otherwise, Tokayev refers to his own offspring. He is not satisfied with the fact that the fund “People of Kazakhstan” began to collect daily wages from state employees. The head of state recalled that the largest companies of Kazakhstan should invest their money there (the percentage of taxable income will be later approved by the government). The work of the foundation will be transparent and devoid of bureaucratic delays, and the money raised will go to charitable programs.

“Great changes in the social block have been announced in Kazakhstan. In order to prevent a repetition of the January shocks in the future, it is necessary to stock up on a sufficient amount of funds already now. Legally, this can be done through the “common fund” for large businesses. At the same time, those who refuse to pay will be dispossessed first,” said Chingiz Lepsibaev, head of the Eurasian Expert Council.

Most of all, Tokayev dislikes the way taxes are collected in Kazakhstan now (many evade them), and the fact that the republic’s economic growth only positively affects a small group of people, and not ordinary Kazakhstanis or the state. He is also outraged by the low salaries of fellow citizens: half of the country's population has incomes that do not exceed $1,300 a year. At the same time, 162 people own half of Kazakhstan's wealth. According to the president, income stratification has reached unacceptable levels and played the role of a lit match and a powder keg in the January events.

Accordingly, the president of Kazakhstan wants entrepreneurs to pay more to their employees, and promises to fight the monopolization of capital. In parallel with this, Tokayev announced the suppression of the withdrawal of capital abroad. “The country is small and everyone knows about everyone. It's no secret how 162 people took control of half of Kazakhstan's wealth: corruption, family ties, specific privatizations, and so on. If you wish, it will be quite easy to deal with this.

There is such an anecdote: “Kazakhstani oil is of two types, and we know these types well.” Apparently, back in December 2021, there were people who did not allow the process of dispossession of large businesses to start. Now Tokayev is challenging the unfair system of distribution of income from the national wealth of Kazakhstan,” Lepsibayev said.

In addition, the President of Kazakhstan believes that it is time to change the approach to training personnel. According to Tokayev, the country trains too many managers and too few techies. In this regard, he said that Kazakhstani youth should be sent to study at the best technical universities in Russia.

As Lepsibaev explained to MK, Tokayev will have to spend more than one year to realize all the promises. It is possible that the implementation of this program will be extended for the second presidential term. In the meantime, the head of state is expected to introduce a system of universal declaration in the country. “Now declarations are filled out only by civil servants and members of their families. And it would be interesting to see where, for example, a 16-year-old girl has her own castle. What back-breaking work was all this acquired?”, – the expert emphasized.

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What fine was awarded to the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company for showing BDSM scenes on the air of the 60 Minutes talk show?

Daily talk show "60 minutes" on the Russia 1 channel, in which the spouses Olga Skabeeva and Evgeny Popov discuss social and political topics with guests,   was at the center of a scandal. The court of Moscow fined VGTRK for showing footage with a BDSM scene on the air of a talk show, despite the fact that the age marking of the program is «12+».  

“The All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company violated the established procedure for distributing mass media products among children containing information that is harmful to their health and (or) development, that is, they committed an offense punishable under Part 2 of Art. 13.21 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation,” the court decision says.

Which episode are we talking about and why did they show BDSM footage in it?

On June 21, 2021, the next program of the talk show “60 Minutes” was aired. During a discussion of Russian-American relations and US sanctions against the Russian Federation, host Evgeny Popov (on that day he alone hosted the show) asked to be shown a frank video on the screen in the studio. In it, Zach Weiner, an American candidate for the Manhattan City Council, sat in his underpants and a leather mask, while a half-naked girl tortured a naked politician.

“Get the kids away from the screens. These New York guys dictate their will to us, and this is what it is, — Popov commented on the video.

According to the court decision, published in the mos-sud court filing, this program contained scenes of an arousing nature, in which sexually explicit actions were shown, as well as a partially naked female body (without showing the genitals).

What fine was awarded to VGTRK for airing BDSM scenes?

The Moscow Court found VGTRK guilty of committing an administrative offense under Part 2 of Art. 13.21 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation (“Violation of the procedure for the manufacture or distribution of mass media products”) and imposed a fine of 20,000 rubles.

As reported in the court ruling, the representative of the defendant pleaded guilty.

Who is Zack Weiner?

On the website of 26-year-old Zack Weiner, it is said that he is an actor Shelley, etc.), works as a screenwriter and producer. He was a co-founder of Stag Pictures. According to the New York Post, Zach's father,Eric Weiner, is one of the creators of the popular children's educational television show Dora the Explorer. 

In 2021, Zach Weiner was candidate for the Manhattan City Council, but did not pass the selection.

After unidentified people released explicit footage of Zach, he wrote on social networks that he did not want his frequent video to go public, “but it happened and I'm not ashamed,” Weiner wrote on his Twitter account.

Sources of information: mos-sud.ru/, nypost.com/

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Bochkarev: two-story elevators will be installed at the National Space Center

13 double-deck elevators will appear in the tower of the National Space Center (NCC) under construction on the territory of the Filevskaya floodplain, Andrey Bochkarev, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Urban Policy and Construction, said.

“For the NCC we ordered unique equipment. In particular, 74 elevators will be installed here in the low-rise part, and in the high-rise — 13 double-deck elevators that can pick up passengers from two floors at the same time, — he said.

According to the official, in the high-rise part of the building, the main structures are ready at the level of the eighth floor. In the low-rise part, monolithic work is almost completed, the installation of the upper parts of the metal structures is underway. The builders also started laying brick partitions.

Monolithic work began in the parking area, said the general director of JSC “Mosinzhproekt” Yuri Kravtsov, facility construction manager. “The development of the soil has already been fully completed here, the foundation slab is being installed. Installation of external and internal engineering systems will soon begin, — he elaborated.

Today, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and the head of the Roscosmos State Corporation Dmitry Rogozin visited the construction site, which is located on the territory of the Khrunichev State Space Research and Production Center (GKNPTs). 

«The largest project in Moscow to create a scientific and technological cluster, which includes production, research, educational buildings. Approximately 2 million sq. meters — the capacity of this facility, including the reconstruction and creation of new buildings. The center of all this territory will, of course, be the scientific and space center, which is being built jointly with Roskosmos, — Sobyanin said.

Recall that the NCC will become one of the largest centers of the space industry in the world, uniting the central office and the situation center of Roscosmos, industry institutes and enterprises, youth design bureaus and other facilities. A 47-storey tower with a height of more than 288 meters with a spire will become the main architectural feature and dominant of the north-west of Moscow.

Earlier, Bochkarev spoke about the readiness of the pedestrian bridge across the Yauza, which is being built between Rubtsovskaya and Semenovskaya embankments.

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Flight attendants may be given plastic handcuffs

The Ministry of Transport proposed to issue flight attendants special means of deterring air brawlers – plastic handcuffs and nylon belts, said the agency that drafted the bill. The document is published on the website of draft regulatory legal acts.

It clarifies that the access of outsiders to such means of restraint should be excluded.

At the same time, flight attendants must hold the offender against whom the mentioned means of restraint, under constant surveillance and not to place such people on chairs near the aisle or exit. After the end of the flight, crew members and aviation security personnel must hand over the violator to law enforcement officers.

Before adoption, the draft resolution will go through all the procedures required by law, including discussion with the public, participants in the air transportation market, expert organizations and involved executive authorities .

Earlier today it was reported that in Novokuznetsk a brawler who hit a flight attendant was detained. The passenger refused to wear a protective mask.

Last week, a violent passenger flying from Dubai was locked in the plane's toilet. The incident occurred on a Ural Airlines flight.

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