After the Central Bank lowered the key rate from 17% to 14%, the dollar exchange rate fell to 71 rubles

The dollar fell to 71 rubles.

The Bank of Russia announced a reduction in the key rate to 14% from 17%.

The regulator's statement says that, despite the difficult economic conditions that constrain activities in various sectors of the economy, the risks that have been growing over the past several months, decreased, which made it possible to lower the interest rate.

As for further decisions, the bank intends to take into account the dynamics of inflation against the background of the restructuring of the Russian economic structure, as well as external and internal threats and the reaction of financial markets, reports & #8220;MK”.

At the same time, according to RIA Novosti, the dollar fell significantly, to 71 rubles per unit.

According to the data of the Moscow Exchange, at 11.47 am the dollar exchange rate fell by 1.1 rubles (70.98), the euro – by 61 kopecks (74.76).

The last time such a minimum was observed in November last year.

The Central Bank set the dollar rate on Friday at 72.3 rubles, the euro &#8211 ; 75.3 rubles.

In addition, on the morning of April 29, the price per barrel of Brent oil rose by 0.9% ($108.22), WTI – 0.54% (105.92).< /p>

As Topnews wrote earlier, experts report an imminent reversal of the dollar and call the timing.


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