Ambassador criticized Germany’s “sluggish policy” towards Ukraine

Ukraine needs immediate support and modern weapons, but the German government is “still fighting with itself” and “justifying its inaction”, says Ambassador Andriy Melnyk

Andrey Melnyk

The German authorities are not doing enough to support for Ukraine, Andriy Melnyk, Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, said in an interview with Bild.

According to the diplomat, the fact that not a single representative of the federal government of Germany has visited the country since the beginning of hostilities points to « the sluggishness of German politics».

Melnik believes that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz prefers to act like his predecessor, Angela Merkel: “wait and see, and then decide” or not. “What is missing is imagination and courage. Many Germans would like to have an active chancellor, — he said.

The ambassador clarified that his criticism does not concern Scholz personally, but the entire German government. In the situation in which Ukraine finds itself, quick solutions are needed, but “Germany is still fighting with itself.” “The federal government is very good at finding excuses and making absurd excuses for its inaction,” — Melnik said.

In particular, according to Melnik, Germany made a decision too late to transfer Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns (ZSU) to Ukraine. Berlin is moving “in the right direction,” but that's not enough, the diplomat said. He pointed out that the installations are already 40 years old, and Kyiv needs more modern weapons. Ukraine needs supplies of 88 Leopard tanks, 100 Marder infantry fighting vehicles, self-propelled howitzers and “much more”.

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On April 28, the Bundestag overwhelmingly adopted a document calling on the government to supply heavy weapons to Ukraine. unions (CDU/CSU). Only “Alternative for Germany” opposed (AfD) and the “Left”.

A few days before the vote, CDU chairman Friedrich Merz accused Scholz of “lost precious time.” on the issue of arms supplies to Ukraine, as a result of which he lost public confidence. According to the opposition leader, the chancellor “is no longer perceived as a person with a strong and strategic mind.”

Since the beginning of the military conflict, Scholz has been against the supply of heavy weapons to Kyiv, at the same time, the chancellor says that Russia is not should win in Ukraine. He calls on Moscow to conclude a truce, withdraw troops and start peace talks with Kyiv.

Russia has repeatedly warned Western countries about the consequences of transferring weapons to Ukraine. In particular, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that convoys with such cargo on the territory of Ukraine would become legitimate targets for the Russian military.

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