Axios learns about American hawks’ advice on arms shipments to Ukraine

Axios: Experts Recommended the White House to Increase Arms Supplies to Ukraine The US National Security Adviser held consultations with a group of experts who recommended increasing arms supplies to Ukraine, including the Javelin and Stinger complexes

On the eve of talks with Russian officials in Geneva, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan received a recommendation from a group of experts to increase arms supplies to Ukraine, the Axios portal writes, citing sources in the expert group.

According to Axios, the expert group that Sullivan has consulted includes the hawks American foreign policy, including former employees of the Donald Trump administration.

The meeting took place after veterans of American politics, in an open letter, recommended that Sullivan increase supplies to Ukraine of Javelin anti-tank systems and Stinger portable anti-aircraft missile systems. The letter was signed by ex-US ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst, former US ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, retired general Wesley Clark, retired general and ex-commander of the US European Command Philip Breedlove, former Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott, Trump's special envoy for Ukraine Kurt Volcker and former US Ambassador to Poland Daniel Fried.

“ It is always wise to communicate with supporters of a different point of view. There can be no downsides to this. Jake [Sullivan] is not afraid to interact with professionals, including those who may disagree with him, '' & mdash; McFaul commented on this information to the portal, who, however, refused to confirm the fact of the consultations and their participation in them.

The representative of the US National Security Council (which includes the president's national security adviser), commenting on the Axios data, said, that meetings with experts representing different points of view are held regularly.

Recommendations from experts – “ hawks '' Sullivan received, ahead of talks with the Russian delegation in Geneva, on key strategic security issues, including NATO's non-eastward expansion. Russia came up with the initiative to conduct these negotiations. The first meeting began today.

Ukraine began to declare that it needs expanded support from Western partners, against the backdrop of yet another crisis on the borders with Russia. Kiev and Western countries view troop movements in western Russia as potential preparation for a military invasion. In an interview with the Funke media group, Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnik called on Germany to start supplying defensive weapons and noted that Berlin's reluctance to provide weapons to Kiev could negatively affect bilateral relations. However, the FRG, unlike the United States, has so far refrained from deliveries. German Foreign Minister Analena Berbock explained that Berlin considers military escalation in Eastern Europe unacceptable.

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