Biden called Republican Trump supporters “semi-fascists”

Democrats counter-offensive ahead of US elections

Political strife in the US is intensifying as the midterm congressional elections approach. The heavyweights enter the fray. Trump is trying to make the most of his FBI search, and Biden, who is not shy in terms, accuses the Republicans of all sins.

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The US president opened a rally and fundraiser in Maryland 75 days before the midterms. At the same time, Biden, in one of his most energetic speeches in recent times, not only called on Democrats to “vote to literally save democracy again,” but also compared the Republican ideology to “semi-fascism.”

Addressing a crowd of thousands at the gym in Rockville High School, Biden said, “Your choice is up for a vote this year. The Social Security you've been paying for since you got the job is on the ballot. The ballot is about the safety of your children from gun violence, and that's not an exaggeration, the very survival of our planet is on the ballot.

“You have to choose, – Joe Biden was addressing his audience. – Will we be a country moving forward, or will we be a country moving backward?

The outcome of the upcoming midterm elections in November does not look a foregone conclusion to this day. Despite the fact that the rating of President Biden is depressing – for him – low, the Democrats clearly do not feel a priori losers. What's more, what prevailed a few months ago, when inflation in the United States shot up sharply and Biden's popularity polls worsened, the decadent mood among the Democrats was replaced by a readiness to fight. This was largely facilitated by the decision of the Supreme Court against abortion – many voters reacted extremely negatively to the bans promoted by the conservatives.

Another trump card for Biden was fulfilling a long-delayed campaign promise to forgive low- and middle-income borrowers for federal student loan debt. Democrats say the move will inspire youth, as well as black and Hispanic voters. Republicans saw the gesture as a foul play to win over the electorate.

“President Biden's inflation is crushing working families, and his response is to hand out even more public money to the higher-paying elite,” &ndash ; said the leader of the Republican Party in the Senate Mitch McConnell. – The Democrats are simply using the money of working Americans to try and buy themselves some enthusiasm from their political base.

Joe Biden decided to earn additional advantages for his party, emphasizing that it was his presidency that became the recovery for America after the COVID-19 pandemic. “We've come a long way,” – he said, criticizing the Republicans, who, according to him, blocked his actions at every turn. “In 2020, you and 81 million Americans voted to save our democracy,” – Biden addressed the crowd of listeners. – This is why Donald Trump is not just a former president. He is a defeated former president.

Bearing in mind that his main enemy – it's Trump with his “Make America Great Again” slogan (MAGA), Biden lashed out at Republicans, calling the Trumpist philosophy “similar to semi-fascism.”

“I respect conservative Republicans, – made, however, later Biden's reservation. – I don't respect these MAGA Republicans. There are not so many real Republicans anymore.

From the last remark, it turns out that Biden fell under the distribution of most of the supporters of the Republican Party, whom he wrote down as “semi-fascists.” You can't think of a better illustration of the split in American society. The demonization of political opponents is reaching a new level in the United States.

“MAGA Republicans don’t just threaten our personal rights and economic security, – the president frightened his listeners. – They pose a threat to our very democracy. They refuse to accept the will of the people. They accept political violence. They don't believe in democracy.

Even in a neutral Politico article, the US President's attacks were called “an unusually sharp and sharp condemnation of the Republicans.” What can we say about the reaction in the “good old party” itself, whose representatives described the comments of the head of the White House as “despicable”: “Biden put Americans out of work, transferred money from working families to Harvard lawyers and plunged our country into a recession when families can't afford gasoline and groceries. Democrats don't care about suffering Americans – they never cared.

But, as the Associated Press notes, after the June Supreme Court ruling that overturned the constitutional protection of women from abortion, Democrats again felt on horseback. This is reflected in the growth of donations, and in the results of polls and the results of early elections – in the Hudson Valley area, where the Republican Party was thought to be guaranteed a victory, pro-abortion Democrat Pat Ryan defeated Republican Mark Molinaro the other day. some of whom are pushing for a national ban on the procedure. And the President of the United States stated this bluntly: “MAGA Republicans have no idea about the power of women. Let me tell you something: they're about to find out.”

I must say that the Democrats, led by Biden, are actively using dissatisfaction with the abortion bans introduced in a number of states. Recently, the President of the United States signed an executive order to help women travel outside their state to have an abortion. The document will ensure that health care providers comply with federal law so that women are not delayed in receiving care. And in July, Biden signed an executive order providing access to abortion services and contraceptives and protecting patient privacy.

Ahead of the election, Biden and members of his cabinet are about to embark on what the White House called a “tour of Building a Better America” ​​to promote “the benefits of the President's achievements and the Inflation Reduction Act to the American people and contrast with the Republican vision in Congress.”

The ongoing decline in gasoline prices since June plays into the hands of the White House, although the cost of fuel remains high. Trying to fight off accusations of inflation unprecedented in the last forty years, Biden blames global processes, the global pandemic and Putin with the conflict in Ukraine for everything.

As CNN notes, recent achievements have clearly given Biden a fighting spirit, which is almost was not during his speeches at the White House. He even immediately – before you start your speech – took off his jacket.

For the sake of the success of his party, Biden, despite his own low ratings, even went so far as to communicate closely with the sympathetic public, hugging and posing for a selfie without a mask – and this despite the fact that only recently his wife Jill was diagnosed with coronavirus. What you won't do to attract the electorate!

There are more than two months left before the elections to the Congress, and much can still change (and even more than once) during this time, but the Democrats felt a chance to maintain control over the chambers. And if earlier, just a few months ago, Democratic lawmakers, busy fighting for re-election, sought to avoid meetings with Biden, unpopular among Americans, now many of them see that the situation is starting to change, and the president seems to be becoming a serious asset of election campaigns. However, it is unlikely that he will do without his eccentricities bordering on insanity before the elections – and this will work, rather, in the negative for the Democratic Party.

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