Bloomberg reported on the US plan to simplify entry for specialists from Russia

The United States plans to disrupt the plan for the development of high technologies in Russia, and at the same time improve its economy and security, writes Bloomberg. Therefore, the White House is considering easing the visa regime for a number of Russians

The administration of US President Joe Biden may lift some visa restrictions for Russians with a master's or doctoral degree in technology, engineering, or mathematics who have studied in the US or abroad. This is reported by Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with the discussion.

According to them, the White House sent a request to Congress to remove the rule that Russian specialists must work in the United States in order to obtain a work visa. The US wants to attract Russians with expertise in semiconductors, space technology, cybersecurity, advanced computing and manufacturing, nuclear engineering, artificial intelligence and rocket propulsion technology, and other science-intensive areas.

Thus, Washington is trying to at least weaken high-tech resources of Russian President Vladimir Putin and how to undermine the country's innovation base as much as possible, said a spokesman for the US National Security Council. In addition, facilitating the move for specialists from Russia will help strengthen the American economy and security, he calculated.

If the provision on easing the visa regime is adopted, it will be valid for four years. At the same time, legislators will not make changes to the law on immigration and citizenship.

At the beginning of the military operation in Ukraine, Russian IT specialists from large companies published an open letter calling for a peaceful resolution of the conflict. At the same time, representatives of the profession began to make plans for emigration from Russia, some IT companies even took their employees abroad, Kommersant wrote. with reference to sources.

On March 22, the head of the Russian Association for Electronic Communications, Sergey Plugotarenko, announced that 50-70 thousand IT employees had already left Russia. He warned that in the “second wave” emigration in April may leave 70-100 thousand people. A HeadHunter survey showed that the number of IT people who want to leave Russia is growing. The share of resumes of those who were ready to move grew from 36.5% at the end of February to 40% by the end of March. Respondents considered the USA, Germany, Georgia, Cyprus and Canada to be the best countries for moving.

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As an anti-crisis measure, the Russian government has granted a deferment from the army to information technology specialists who have higher education in one of 75 specialties and have been working in an IT company for at least 11 months prior to the date of conscription. The list of specialties included mathematics, statistics, physics, applied informatics, cartography and geoinformatics, cryptography, mechanical engineering, applied mechanics, aircraft engineering, innovation and others.

The Ministry of Digital Development also prepared a decree on preferential mortgages at a rate of 5% for IT -specialists with a salary of more than 100 thousand rubles.

On April 28, the government submitted to the State Duma a bill on simplified obtaining a residence permit for foreign IT specialists and their relatives. The document also abolishes the requirement of a work permit or a patent for employment in Russian companies.



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