Briton who left his wife for a Ukrainian refugee decided to go to Ukraine

A resident of British Bradford, Anthony Garnett, who left his wife and children for a Ukrainian refugee, plans to go to Ukraine. Yorkshire live writes about this.

It is noted that the man almost went bankrupt after his story was spread in the media. The security firm run by Garnett had contracts with the UK National Health Service, but because of the paparazzi constantly harassing the workers of the medical facility, the department decided to stop cooperation.

Now 39-year-old Anthony Garnett is going to go to Ukraine, &laquo ;to help people on the front lines.

“I want to raise money for the people who look after the orphans and for those who have been injured. I want to go there myself and record who I help. Sophia will go with me, – shared the Briton.

Recall that Garnett left his cohabitant and children 10 days after the Ukrainian refugee Sophia Karkadym moved in with them. The Ukrainian woman arrived at the family home in May amid a special operation. 

En route from Germany to the United Kingdom, Karkadym suffered an eye infection. The girl will have a six-month recovery after the operation, Anthony Garnett decided to become her guardian. 

Earlier it became known that Garnett sheltered two more Ukrainians at his home in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

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