Bulgaria, which lost $5 billion, wanted to return Russian gas supplies

Sofia wants to resume negotiations with Gazprom.

The Bulgarian authorities have announced that they want to resume negotiations with “Gazprom”, despite the past bad experience.

According to the former Minister of Economy of Bulgaria, Traicho Traikov, earlier when concluding a contract with Sofia lost about $5 billion as a gas supplier from the Russian Federation.

The ex-official noted that in recent years Bulgaria has agreed to make concessions to “Gazprom” three times.

So, in 2006, the country, sacrificing its own interests, changed the transit agreement.

Then Sofia gave preference to “Gazprom” during the negotiations on “Turkish Stream”.

And in 2017, Bulgaria did not file a claim for damages after the completion of the European Commission investigation into the actions of the Russian gas supplier in Eastern Europe.

Now Bulgaria wants to discuss with “Gazprom” the possibility of resuming gas supplies, but active negotiations have not yet begun.

“We told them that we are ready to resume negotiations on the contract and that we have proposals for a number of changes to optimize&# 8221;, – said Bulgarian Energy Minister Rosen Hristov.

According to him, even now fuel is purchased from Russia, simply through intermediaries, and it costs more.

Earlier, TopNews wrote about that Gazprom began to burn gas that did not reach Europe.

A Finnish publication wrote about this, noting a huge fiery torch on the border with Russia.

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