Cashius Green – Get Yo Change Lyrics (feat. Pheo.)

I said stack it stack it stack it
So that bitch ride ?
Fifty players deep put yo bitch in rotation
As my flow getting bigger and the world rotating
Trying to live large, think big
Its moderate conglomerate pushing counterfeits
Get yo change man breaking out like trying to break a habit
I stick to it like Gambit Damn it
The paparazzi flashing Gotti, warm my mind soul and body
Slap this hit in your whip whenever you gone dip
When you think your all ain’t enough get your hurt ass up
On your feet, How else you gone heal
Lies. Stay true to yourself how the f**k is you trill
Town popping like seals and pills, sizzled grill, under hills
All net under Phil Banks
Still dranking drank
It be what it been
It ain’t what it ain’t
Watch your tone and your pace

I got a penny for thoughts
A dollar for your dreams
A quarter for you wishes
That’s a monetary scheme
Young nigga doing it having thangs
Stack it, stack it, stack it
Player get yo change

Player get yo change (4x)

[Cashius Green]
Actually, My ? in the back, they f**king athletes
How to weigh an Albany with Ashely, She pampers me
OG’s see me on the block they dapping me
Pour out forty ounces for my casualty
When you go to sleep caking
You be waking up with acne
Its agony, they after me
Rubbing on they pussy and saying it taste like raspberry
We done hit tipping with Sean’s money he riding Bentley
No rooftop, no sun block chronic by the grocery bag
We used up all the zip-locs, ?
Got the jams playing while we post block
It’s hoes in there, undelay
She say Cashius take me home and punish me
I’ll be yo everything I just really enjoy your company
Begging please, I make the pussy freeze
Give me cheese like the government
Keys to the coup got the juice and the loosey
A couple thousand reasons why this bitch start choosing
She f**k with me, I’m cuffing it, busters gone be loving it, I’m f**king with


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