CERN allowed collider to stop due to lack of electricity

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The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) does not exclude the shutdown of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in the event of a shortage of electricity in France, writes The Wall Street Journal, citing the head of the CERN energy management commission, Serge Claudet.

Large Hadron Collider — the most powerful particle accelerator in the world. The collider accelerates them to speeds close to the speed of light, at which they collide with each other. With it, in 2012, scientists discovered the Higgs boson. In December 2018, the collider was shut down for repairs. It was launched again in early July this year.

“We are concerned about the stability of the power grid and are working hard to prevent power outages in our region,”— Claudet said.

CERN is developing a plan to shut down some of its particle accelerators during peak power periods, and is also considering shutting down the collider if necessary.

CERN, located on the border of France and Switzerland,— one of the largest energy consumers in France. During peak load, electricity consumption reaches about 200 megawatts. That's a third of what Geneva, the nearest laboratory, consumes.

According to Claude, CERN is negotiating with its electricity supplier— state company EDF— that she warned them a day in advance to reduce their electricity consumption. Then CERN will turn off other accelerators, which will reduce energy consumption by 25%.

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The sudden shutdown of the $4.4 billion collider could disrupt its operation. BAK— one of eight accelerators at CERN. There are also two particle moderators.

French grid operator RTE has already called for a 15% cut in the country's electricity consumption during peak hours this winter to avoid blackouts.

France 24 previously noted that one fifth of all electricity in Europe is generated by gas-fired power plants. Due to rising fuel prices, electricity prices in Europe jumped to record levels. Thus, in Germany, the cost of an annual contract was €995 per MWh, and in France – more than €1.1 thousand, which in both cases was ten times more than last year. At the end of August, exchange prices for gas in Europe exceeded €3,500 per 1,000 cubic meters. m.

September 2 Gazprom announced the decision to stop gas supply through the Nord Stream pipeline; «until the comments on the operation of the equipment are eliminated».

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