China called the toughest response of Russia to the sanctions of the West

The Chinese media reminded about Russia's actions in response to the restrictions.

In China, the dean of the Institute of Energy Policy, Lin Boqiang, published an article in “Huanqiu shibao”.

In the article, he pointed to “the toughest answer” sanctions against Russia.

The author recalled that Russia stopped gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria, as these countries refused to pay in rubles.

Lin Boqiang recalled that the Russian demand for payment in rubles for blue fuel is already in force, and now it is called “the toughest answer” Western sanctions.

In order to effectively replace oil and gas from Russia, the EU needs to increase imports from Qatar and the United States, but there is no necessary infrastructure for this.

In the near future, the United States is not able to solve Europe's fuel problem, although gas is supplied to the New World in full.

Nevertheless, there is a shortage of ships for its transportation.

The Chinese specialist noted that the crisis in Ukraine led to the restructuring oil and gas market and “deployed” him.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Gazprombank failed to make a payment in rubles for Austria and Germany.

The ruble payment for gas was rejected.


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