Fiery summer. Forestry employee about the causes of the wave of fires in Russia

In Russia, the laws against violators of fire safety have become tougher. But the forests continue to burn. Why are the new laws of little help on the ground? This was reported to in the forestry enterprise, where 700 hectares burned out.

Today, the most difficult situation with forest and landscape fires is in the Ryazan and Nizhny Novgorod regions, in Mari El, in the Far East. The south of the country is also on fire — fires are also raging near Rostov.

In connection with the state of emergency, problems have been exposed in the departments responsible for the safety of the population and the country's natural heritage. Once again, it turned out that there is no operational interaction between departments when extinguishing a fire.

Smog reached Moscow

Vladimir Putin drew attention to this and other points at a special meeting on 24 August. The President of Russia introduced a “flexible fire response system” in order not to bring the situation to a critical one, as happened in the Ryazan region. Smog reached Moscow.

The essence of “reacting” in the fact that the federal center would more quickly help with funding and heavy equipment on the ground in the fight against fire.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation intends to amend its regulations proposed by Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin — on the obligatory provision by the regions of assistance in extinguishing forest fires in neighboring regions.

To this we can add that from 2022 new rules for the fire regime are in force. According to which the administrative fine for «kebabs» in nature for a citizen is already up to five thousand rubles.

But will local legislative initiatives help?

Residents were evacuated on time

For example, the Rostov region suffers from fires. The scale of the disaster here is not small, governor Vasily Golubev has joined in the elimination of the consequences.

It has been blazing for a week now — forests, reeds, and the landscape area around the stadium “Rostov-Arena” extinguished with the help of helicopters.

The Ust-Donetsk region, where the main forest fund of the Rostov region is concentrated, was especially hard hit by the fire. 

In the village of Verkhnekundrucheskaya, residents were evacuated in advance, the fire destroyed 30 buildings, including seven residential buildings. 21 people were left without a roof over their heads. 53 people suffered from smoke, they are being provided with the necessary medical assistance. got through to the Konstantinovsky and Ust-Donetsk forestry of the Rostov region — they suffered the most from the rampant elements. Do the new rules of the fire regime help in the fight against natural emergencies?

Situations commented forestry employee Natalya Nekrasova (village Nizhnekundryuchenskaya, Rostov region).

— All our employees are on duty in the fields and forests, they left. And it's good that there is something to go! You see the weather, the heat, the dry wind, it can flare up from one spark, — notes Natalia Nekrasova. 

— Does increasing fines help?

The population still lacks awareness of what fines are not introduced. We have beautiful nature in the Ust-Donetsk region, many people come to relax, fish, kindle bonfires, they haven’t completely extinguished — left. Lights up even from a cigarette butt, everything is so dry. 

Vacationers and barbecue lovers are to blame for many episodes. Until our population becomes conscious, introduce any law — so it will remain. Hence all the fires and troubles.

Extinguish the fire for the minimum wage

— And your work colleagues, you say, are on fire right now?

— They are on duty in the adjacent territory to the forestry. The grass is dry, burns quickly and passes to the forest. 700 hectares burned out. But so far everything has been shut down. Naturally, maybe some snag burns out, besides — now the wind, the leaves are dry.

Everything is interconnected — if the local village administration mowed the grass on time, forced the land tenants to do such work, then there would be less risk of fires. 

The leshoz has signed cooperation agreements with the administration and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. But when trouble happens, then there is a division of forces, we do not always succeed in acting together.

— At a meeting of Vladimir Putin, the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Alexander Kurenkov, noted that firefighters do not have enough tracked vehicles to reach the fire sites in a timely manner. How does this assessment of the situation relate to your leshoz? 

— Technique leaves much to be desired. The Ministry of Natural Resources purchases equipment for the leshoz as part of fire danger monitoring, but it is far from perfect. What was made in the USSR still serves. Here is another moment — we have forestry workers extinguishing a fire, having a minimum wage of 13 thousand rubles. Can a man put out a fire for such a sum and feed his family?

And in order to reduce forest fires, I repeat once again, it is necessary to raise people's consciousness, to act more in this direction. Then no one should be fined. If a person worries about what kind of nature he will leave to his children, then the situation will improve.

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