Forbes wrote about the new Ukrainian miracle weapon for “overcoming”

Ukraine has developed a demolition robot based on the patterns of Reich technology

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) have received new combat robots carrying anti-tank mines. Not only Russian tanks, but also humanitarian convoys will have to show additional caution. The American edition of Forbes spoke about the new weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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The Ukrainian robot is a flat four-wheeled device with remote control. It is able to penetrate under a tank or car, after which it explodes. As an explosive, the Ukrainians decided to use stocks of Soviet TM-62 mines.

According to the publication, the Ukrainian company Temerland designed a demolition robot called “Dwarf Kamikaze”. based on the Gnome robotic platform previously developed by the same company.

Ukrainian developers did not hesitate to talk about the object of their inspiration – self-propelled mines “Goliath”, which were produced by Nazi Germany during the Second World War. It turns out that Ukraine copied from the Nazis not only the ideology and symbols, but also weapons.

The General Director of the Ukrainian company Eduard Trotsenko told the details about one of the tactics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: together with the “dwarf-kamikaze”; Ukrainians are using drones, the purpose of which is not only to improve the route of the four-wheeled device, but also to distract Russian soldiers from the demolition robot itself. will provide “overcome”. Only now the Third Reich, as you know, no “wunderwaffe” did not help. Probably worth thinking about.


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