Foreign Ministry ruled out compromises on the Russian side at the talks in Geneva

Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov ruled out compromises on the part of Russia at the talks with the United States in Geneva The United States should adjust its position on security, Russia will strictly adhere to the requirements published earlier, said the head of the Russian delegation in Geneva

The Russian side is on negotiations with the United States in Geneva does not intend to deviate from the position that was formulated earlier in the proposals for ensuring European security. Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said this on the air of Channel One.

According to him, the American side must make compromises.

“ The American side must prepare for compromises. The Russian side came here with a clear position, which contains a number of elements, in my opinion, quite understandable and formulated so clearly, including at the highest level, that there simply cannot be deviations from these our approaches, '', & mdash; Ryabkov said (quoted from RIA Novosti).

The previous evening in Geneva, in the format of a dinner, preliminary consultations were held between the Russian and American delegations with the participation of Ryabkov and US First Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman. After the meeting, Ryabkov described it as' amazing ', but did not go into details.

' Amazing. The conversation was difficult, but businesslike. I think that tomorrow we will not waste our time '', & mdash; said the Deputy Foreign Minister following the conversation.

The State Department, after consultations, issued a statement in which he quoted Sherman as saying that sovereign states have the right to choose which alliances to join.

nations choose their own unions '', & mdash; said in the message. At the same time, Sherman stressed that the United States will not discuss the security of Europe without European allies.

Ryabkov said the next day that, in talks with the United States on security guarantees, Moscow wanted to test Washington's ability to make responsible decisions at a difficult time for European security.

Russia's demands on the United States to ensure security Moscow published on December 17, 2021. One of the key points: the United States must undertake obligations to exclude further expansion of NATO in the eastern direction, to refuse to admit the states that were previously part of the USSR into the alliance. The United States should also not create military bases on the territory of states that were previously part of the USSR and are not members of NATO, as well as use their infrastructure for conducting any military activity, develop bilateral military cooperation with them.

However, despite the rigidity of the wording in the requirements, the head of the State Department Anthony Blinken said on December 22 that among them there are both clearly unacceptable and those that can be discussed. The parties agreed to do this in Geneva on January 10, 2022.

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