Foreign Ministry threatens CNN with consequences if YouTube channel is blocked

Zakharova: if the YouTube channel of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is turned off, someone from CNN or the BBC will “go home” According to her, the violation was associated with “discriminatory statements”, but Google refused to specify them

If the official channel of the Russian Foreign Ministry on YouTube is blocked, CNN or BBC journalists may be expelled from countries. This assumption was made by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova.

“Wangyu. Disable MFA channel on YouTube— someone from CNN will go home. And from the Air Force too,»— she wrote in her Telegram.

Zakharova noted that YouTube continues “its campaign” against freedom of speech and any alternative to Western points of view. “This time, the ‘censorship committee’ the American IT giant did not suit my April 6 briefing. <…> As reasons, the condo formulation was used — “For violating community guidelines. Maybe we should refuse accreditation to a couple of journalists from the USA with the same formula? noted the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

After that, according to Zakharova, they explained to her that it was a violation in the category of “discriminatory statements”. “For whom? Specify timing, phrase. If that's the case, let's face it. By the way, the appeal to the first blocking was rejected. No, that's it. Those. another “strike” — and the channel of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia on YouTube will be disabled, & mdash; she concluded.

Earlier, Roskomnadzor demanded to remove the blocking from the video of the briefing by the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry. “The blocking of the video recording by the administration of the video hosting hinders the dissemination of information and free access to it. The YouTube administration deliberately discriminates against Russian users of the service and restricts their access to official information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation,— declared in the regulator.

At the same time, the BBC reported back in early March that the employees of the Russian bureau would be taken out of Russia “for their safety.” CNN previously reported on the shutdown in Russia.

Read on RBC Pro Pro Why is it difficult for Russia to sell more in China? Ray Dalio and Cathy Wood answer bloggers and how businesses can use it Instructions Pro How to attract star shots – 3 parameters, except for salary a note that the company violates Russian laws. The Google search engine, the Google Play app store, YouTube video hosting, the Gmail mail service and other services fell under these restrictions.

According to Roskomnadzor, YouTube has become “one of the key platforms” that “spreads fakes” ; about the Russian special operation in Ukraine. In addition, the service does not fight the dissemination of information by the Ukrainian nationalist party “Right Sector”; and the regiment “Azov” (recognized as extremist organizations and banned in Russia), the department noted at the time.

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