Foresight hunters. Is the basis of predictions mysticism or experience and knowledge?

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Many people are still under the impression of the accuracy with which the recently deceased Vladimir Zhirinovsky predicted the special operation in Ukraine.

"At 4 4 am 22 February     — it will be a non-peaceful year, — he predicted in in December from the rostrum of the State Duma. On on                               madmen»

Someone considers Zhirinovsky a prophet. However, experts in such cases prefer to talk more about “professional intuition”. It is thanks to her, as it is believed, that the American financierGeorge Soroson the eve of August 1998 & nbsp; predicted a default in                   predicted that in                             ;— explains writer, practicing philosopher Anna Kiryanova. — Visioner — this is not a hallucinating patient, not a shaggy madman with wildly rolling eyes, who is overcome by visions. In his forecasts, he relies not on the mystical gift of clairvoyance, but on experience and knowledge. Visionaries are able to read subtle, and sometimes completely indistinguishable impulses from environment — „currents“ time, space and maybe even collective thinking of society — and process that information very quickly. These include  the founder of Apple Steve Jobs, who, back in the 1980s, foresaw the advent of smartphones and tablets, which he called “little friends inside the box”, the computer mouse, the ubiquity of the Internet, cloud services and online commerce.

And  However, more often, revelations about the future come to people in some other, almost mystical way. They can even meet in cartoons. So, in 2000 in the 17th episode of the 11th season of the series "The Simpsons" its creators predicted the presidency of Donald Trump, and in 1999 in in the Cowboy Bebop” episodes appeared with "ancient" the space shuttle Columbia, which crashes when the heat-resistant tiles on its hull begin to peel off. In 2003  for approximately the same reason, the real ship “Columbia” exploded…

Writers' foresights have also become the talk of the town. For example, in 1968 g. British fiction John Brunnerin  the novel "All stand on Zanzibar" predicted the presidency of Barack Obama (2009-2017). In  the work, which takes place in  2010 g., appears a black president named Obomi (although not  American, but African). He really wants to bring his country closer to the West. According to the story, LGBT becomes the mainstream in the United States, and terrorism — main problem.

See the invisible

A strong impression on  contemporaries was also made by the story of the novel “Futility, or the Crash of the Titanic”, published in England 14 years before the death of the Titanic”. The events that occurred before and during the crash of the liner are described in the book to trifles. Author — retired captain, Americanwriter Morgan Robertson — talks about the “Titan” ship, which was considered unsinkable, but sank in the Atlantic Ocean after a collision with an iceberg. According to Robertson, the idea of ​​the novel came to him during a severe illness: a giant ship suddenly appeared to him in his thoughts as if in reality, while he  saw and the very death of the ship, which was accompanied by desperate cries of drowning people.

In 1944 g. American clairvoyant Edgar Caycepredicted the fall of the USSR, saying: “The 20th century will not have time to end before the collapse of communism.” The Communists will lose their power there.” And and                                   classic of Russian medicine Sergey Botkin. Even before an unfamiliar patient entered his office, Botkin already often knew his diagnosis.

An unsurpassed visionary was artist and hypnotist Wolf Messing: during during the war, he predicted the date of its end for he received an award from Stalin himself. According to Messing, he  "saw" red tanks driving through the German streets. According to                   foresaw the crash of the plane, on which                           , at that time the commander of the Air Force of the Moscow Military District. Messing advised to cancel the trip. The Generalissimo asked his son to take the train, and he survived. Messing later said that the death of Stalin himself would coincide with the Jewish holiday. On 5 March 1953 when the leader died, Purim fell.

The Inner Eye

“Intuition tells a person a trend” & mdash; where a certain set of events is moving. „Sixth Sense“ knows how to summarize information, sort it and show the most likely opportunity in the current situation, — convinced psychiatrist, director of the Institute of Analytical Psychology Valery Trofimov. — The incomprehensibility of intuition that it contradicts ordinary linear logic».

“There are several mechanisms for foresight, one of which — spontaneous, spontaneous. Often the power of such a predictor is enhanced in the absence of a visual analyzer: it is not for nothing that blind people become seers, like the Bulgarian Vanga, — Anna Kiryanova continues. — They say that higher powers sometimes give a person instead of two sighted eyes „an inner eye“capable of foreseeing the future”. Vanga's predictions became known to the whole world. One of the Ukraine and Crimea, made in 1979 g.: "Crimea will break away from one shore and attach to another". In 1989  she foresaw the famous 2001 terrorist attack in the USA: “Fear, fear! The American brothers will fall, pecked by iron birds. (two skyscrapers in  New York, which collapsed after the attack of planes with  terrorists, were indeed called "twins" or "brothers"). Vanga predicted Kennedy's death 4 months before his assassination, in 1952. predicted Stalin's death no later than a year later, and in 1943 she said that Hitlerwill be defeated in April 1945. And Philip Kirkorov, by the way, promised fame and wife, whose name will begin with the letter "A". He was to marry this woman     — and that's how it all turned out.

"Intuition can also manifest itself in sleep, — says Valery Trofimov. — On the eve of large-scale upheavals — natural disasters & war — many people have disturbing dreams. The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jungtold that on the eve of World War I he dreamed of a monstrous stream that covered all the lands from England to Russia and carried fragments of some objects and countless corpses. Then this sea became blood. And  after 2 weeks, the vision recurred… It happens that an ordinary person not in dream, but in reality suddenly„on an empty place“ there is a certain neurotic anxiety — and and as a result he delays some undertaking of his own. Such „failures“ familiar to many.

Do you follow your inner voice? Everyone decides this for themselves. However, even experienced visionaries sometimes find it difficult to decipher visions and intuitions, because the subconscious usually speaks to us in the language of symbols. And only after some time these symbols and dreams become clear both to the seers themselves and to those around.

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