Forester season. How to choose mushrooms and who should not eat them?

The mushroom season has already begun, and        The Rospotrebnadzor gives its recommendations on how to make the process of picking mushrooms safe and avoid harm to health when eating them.

Why and for whom are mushrooms dangerous?< /h2>

Mushroom poisoning is especially dangerous for people who have weak immunity, and for children. After all, babies still do not have the enzymes necessary for digesting such a heavy product. Therefore, usually doctors do not recommend giving mushrooms to children under the age of 14 years.

At the same time, as the department notes, cases of mushroom poisoning occur among children more and more often. This is due to  the fact that during walks  oversight of adults, kids can eat a raw product. To prevent this, it is necessary to carefully examine the place of the walk. Well and, of course the same, parents should not lose vigilance when they walk with a park, square or forest.

Most often, mushroom poisoning occurs due to the banal ignorance of inexperienced mushroom pickers about what exactly they collect. So, you can pick up unfamiliar or false mushrooms in the forest. A separate danger is the failure of the forest harvest where mushrooms can accumulate salts of heavy metals or poisons — usually these are myceliums along roads, in  city parks, or where the growth site of the fungus has been treated with poisons or pesticides, for example, in  pest control.

To can i eat mushrooms?

This is an indigestible product, it contains a lot of chitin — fiber, which is indigestible and at the same time makes it difficult for digestive juices to access other substances and products in the intestines. In connection with this, mushrooms can be consumed in food by absolutely healthy people who do not have any gastrointestinal diseases.

Before cooking, the product must be boiled for 10 minutes, then washed and cooked according to the usual recipes. Such a measure will reduce the concentration of toxic substances in mushrooms.

What to consider when picking mushrooms?

To prevent mushroom poisoning, you should follow simple rules. One of the basic ones: you don know — don take it. It is worth collecting only those options that are well known and doubt cause 

To keep cut products fresh, use wicker baskets. In addition, collecting mushrooms in  bags or buckets can lead to  quick spoilage, as well as damage to the stem, which will make it difficult to recognize the mushroom completely and evaluate it as edible or not. Mushrooms should be cut with a whole leg. And upon coming home, they processing — it is impossible to leave for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or the next week, because the product is perishable. During processing, mushrooms are sorted by species, they should also be carefully examined again, throwing out wormy, inedible and potentially poisonous, obviously overripe, lacking legs and flabby.

Since mushrooms — This is a protein that spoils quickly without processing, they need to be cooked right away. You can make caviar, assorted, or just roll it into jars.

How to prevent poisoning?

You can not initially collect old mushrooms. Also, do not try them at collection time. When cooking, especially when it comes to salting or pickling, you should not use galvanized or clay dishes with glaze. Keeping mushrooms warm is also fraught, as they are perishable products.

How to buy safe mushrooms?

If you are a walker in the forest and don know how mushrooms are picked, but want to buy them at the market, you should refuse acquisition of dried, salted, pickled and canned mushrooms in places of unauthorized trade and from sellers without proper documents. Also, don't experiment with buying home-made canned mushrooms.

When buying mushrooms in stores, be sure to carefully consider the contents of the jar — they must be un damaged and not defective. If we are talking about cardboard packaging, then the boxes must be intact and not dirty, and they must also contain all information about the product, its expiration date and information about storage conditions.

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