French observer explains why Putin does not trust Macron


Russian leader Vladimir Putin has ceased to trust French President Emmanuel Macron, as his policy contradicts the words about " brain death” NATO. This assumption was made by Boulevard Voltaire columnist Nicolas Gautier.

In particular, Gautier is sure that Macron needed to act as an intermediary between Kyiv and Moscow in order to stop the armed conflict between the countries. However, Paris instead began to supply Ukraine with weapons, which only leads to an escalation of the conflict. "It was necessary to show worthy diplomacy. Emmanuel Macron is far from it”, — The article emphasizes.

“Having previously been diagnosed with NATO's brain death, Macron suddenly began to approve of all the decisions of this military bloc led by Washington. Many may say that he actively maintains contact with Putin, but will he listen to the voice of Paris? That's a big question,” — The article says.

Recall that earlier Macron explained that Russia, having launched a special operation on the territory of Ukraine, produced the effect of an electric shock for NATO, which brought the Alliance out of the state of “brain death”, returning it to the strategic certainty.


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