Frosts drove migrants to storm the Polish checkpoint: Lukashenka made a statement

Iraq and Belarus are ready to return refugees to their homeland, but they prefer to make a breakthrough

Iraq has planned to send the first special export flight to Minsk to return Iraqi migrants. Preliminary, it will take place on November 18. The Belarusian airline Belavia is also ready to join the process of returning refugees. Lukashenko said the following: “We are ready, as we usually did, to put everyone on planes, including Belavia, which will take them back home.”

Photo: AP

However, he also noticed that there is one problem & mdash; migrants do not want to return back. To a large extent also because they heard & mdash; Munich and several other German cities are ready to accept them …

“ I want you to understand: there is a very active work in that direction to persuade people & nbsp; & mdash; please go home. But no one wants to return '', & mdash; Lukashenka said. So the situation on the border with Poland remains explosive. According to the Polish side, last night another fifty migrants broke into its territory through broken fences. And this is surprising, given the tight cordon of the Polish border guards on the other side. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

As the correspondents of local media report, the refugees began to fold the camp. But not at all to go home to Iraq. They crowd in towards the Bruzgi border crossing into Poland. Now several thousand people have already accumulated at the checkpoint. According to them, they are ready to die or go to the territory of the European Union. In Kurdistan, as they say, there is no life for them. And staying in the camp is no longer possible either: the night frosts have become life-threatening. The Belarusian authorities, however, set up heated tents on the border strip, and the Grodno forestry began purposefully delivering already sawn firewood so that migrants would not destroy the local forest. But we must understand that the natives of Iraq & mdash; not Belarusian partisans and are not used to local weather conditions. The approach of winter drove them to the Polish checkpoints.


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