Germany decided to help export Ukrainian grain by rail

The German authorities are discussing the creation of a monetary fund to accelerate the export of Ukrainian grain by rail. The German government believes that in this way it will be possible to export only 10 million tons ” alt=”Germany decided to help export Ukrainian grain by rail” />

Germany intends to help with the accelerated export of Ukrainian grain to the EU by rail. Michael Theurer, commissioner of the German government for rail transportation, told Handelsblatt newspaper about this.

“We are doing everything possible to ensure that grain can be transported from Ukraine by rail to prevent global famine,”— he said.

According to the politician, the German authorities are considering the possibility of creating a fund for the purchase of new containers for grain. Also in Berlin, they allow the provision of assistance with terminals for reloading grain at the Ukrainian border. Theurer believes that out of 23 million tons of grain stored on the territory of Ukraine, 10 million will be able to be exported in this way. about 25 million tons of grain are blocked in the country, and by autumn this volume will increase to 75 million. According to him, Ukraine can export up to 10 million tons of agricultural products per month through ports, and by rail 2 million tons.

In May, the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Mykola Solsky said that due to the blockade of the country's seaports, 7 million tons of wheat, 14 million tons of corn grain, 3 million tons of sunflower oil and 3 million tons of sunflower cake did not enter the world market.

Ukraine accuses Russia of blocking courts. The authorities of the United States and a number of other countries believe that the Russian military operation has led to an aggravation of the food crisis. Moscow, in turn, claims that the reason for the blockade of grain supplies was “illegal actions”; West, which must be canceled to resume exports. The Russian authorities also claimed that Ukrainian ports and the water area near them were mined and merchant ships could be blown up.

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On June 12, Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmitry Senik said that Kyiv had developed two routes for grain exports, they pass through Poland and Romania. “These routes are not ideal because they create certain congestion, but in the meantime we are doing our best to develop them,” — he told Reuters. According to Senik, Ukraine is also discussing the creation of a third corridor through the Baltic countries.

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that the easiest way— export of Ukrainian grain through the territory of Belarus, and from there— to the Baltic ports, to the Baltic Sea, further & mdash; to anywhere in the world. Zelensky rejected this idea.

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