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To superservice "Admission to university online" 971 public higher education institutions have joined this year. In applicants can apply online. They can also, as before, submit documents in person or by mail.

This opportunity will be provided by the implementation of the national projects “Digital Economy”. and "Science and universities". Applications entering bachelor's and specialty programs can begin to be submitted from 20 June to 25 July; about enrollment.

In 2021, online documents were accepted in 537 educational institutions, and 44.5 thousand students took advantage of the super service. applicants. Superservice "Admission to university online" was launched on Gosuslug portal June 2020 . Initially, applicants could apply for admission to 54 university.

On May 28, a meeting was held regarding the functioning of the system. It was led by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko, who instructed all relevant departments to make every effort to ensure that the service runs smoothly by the start of the admission campaign.

“Previously, only documents for budgetary places, then this year it will also work for applicants on extrabudgetary basis, Head of the Ministry of Education Valery Falkov said at the meeting. — Plus, the service will allow you to draw up documents for target and preferential places of budgetary reception. Another important novelty: the system for updating competitive lists has been improved: status changes will occur almost immediately. This will allow you to mark changes in the number of places of admission and points in real time, which is important for guys applying to several universities.

The service will automatically take into account all the rights of applicants to priority admission: both the presence of Olympiad awards, and preferential categories. Verification of all submitted documents will be carried out automatically: USE results, education documents, individual achievements. In addition, on the portal it will be possible to sign up for entrance examinations to universities, find out their results and give consent to enrollment. Documents can be expected for any form of education: full-time, part-time, part-time, with any level of funding: budgetary, paid, targeted for undergraduate and specialty. Another novelty of this introductory campaign will be the ability to conclude online contracts for paid services. This can be done in  the mobile application “Goskey”. A set of documents required for enrollment in extrabudgetary studies will be generated at university and handed over for signing to applicant personal account automatically. There you will only need to sign the contract online.

By the way, to monitor your application in "Public Services" It will be possible with any method of filing an application, even if you delivered the documents in person or sent them by mail. To do this, you need to apply for the connection of the corresponding service at the university. It is important, of course, to have a verified account on the portal.

One of universities offering online admission was Tomsk State University. A resident of NovokuznetskIvan Mesh, who just submitted documents using a convenient online option. HE remembers: "Superservice"Admission to university online“ saves a lot of time, since some of the documents have already been previously uploaded to public services and are entered automatically. Also, you do not have to submit the same documents to each university separately, and this also saves time. I think the service is also convenient for universities themselves. It makes admission to university comfortable, safe and modern».

Used the service last year and the current student of Moscow State Law Academy Anastasia Bakusheva. Here is what she says: “It was convenient to submit documents without queues and extra paper waste. It was convenient to apply to & nbsp; different universities at the same time. It is very convenient that you immediately receive a feedback from & nbsp; universities that the documents have been checked and & nbsp; accepted. I followed the course of the selection committee directly through my mobile phone».

Artyom Rodivilovwanted to continue his studies after school at the Moscow State Technical University. N.E. Bauman:  The exact sciences were always my priority, and          did       the quality of education at this university was doubted by neither I nor parents. I used the state portal to submit documents, so you don’t have to worry about the security of personal data. Plus, you didn't have to stand in queues and you can apply from anywhere in the world. A 1 student of the Ural State University Polina Krylosova says: “A useful service, thanks to which I could submit documents remotely. Since I lived far from the university, this became a big advantage of the superservice».

Ekaterina Pavlovaat Siberian Federal University last year applied remotely from Novosibirsk. “At first I sent it through the university website, but in order to speed up the process, I decided that it was worth submitting documents through the State Services, — she tells. — When I used the superservice„Admission to university online“ , then the application was considered on the same day. In my opinion, this is the most comfortable and  simple way to enroll in a  university in our time — you don do not need to fill out a lot of paperwork, make scans and copies».

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