Growing pros. From September 1, the program “Professionality” starts in the country

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150 k students will begin training in programs "Professionality" September 1st. Students will begin to master popular professions in a short time, which will give them the opportunity to become well-paid specialists in a few years.

70 educational and industrial centers, including more than 250 modern colleges in 42 regions of Russia in the most priority sectors of the economy: nuclear industry, railway transport, metallurgy, mechanical engineering (including aircraft and shipbuilding), chemical industry, agriculture, light industry, pharmaceutical industry and mining industry.

Students of “Professionality” will be engaged in modern workshops, equipped thanks to the national project “Education”. This will not only increase the quality of the training, but and make it interesting and oriented to practice. More than 2,200 workshops have already been equipped with modern high-tech equipment, and by 2024 there will be more than 5 thousand such workshops.

Preparation of qualified “profile” frames — one of the most acute problems of modern industry. Volzhsky Pipe Plant with Volga Polytechnic College expects to get modern young professionals to work. “Tekhnikum and” VTZ became in our region the base sites of the cluster in the “Metallurgy” direction, & nbsp; & mdash; tells director of the Volga Polytechnic College Sergey Sayapin. — In the autumn of 2021, it was decided to open new capacities for the production of stainless steel at the pipe plant. And then it turned out that in the region not a single institution of secondary vocational education trains such narrow specialists. We received the appropriate license, created a laboratory with the participation of pipe workers, signed an agreement, we were allocated places for enrolling students in metallurgical specialties. The first stream of students in 5 new metallurgical specialties will master the profession in the technical school according to an accelerated scheme: 2 years 10 months. And already in 2025, graduates will join the ranks of the Volga metallurgists.

«Thanks to the interaction of the cluster, a full-fledged educational chain in the “Metallurgy”, — underline Deputy Director of the Volga Polytechnic College for information technologies and innovations Alena Bostashvili. — We are working on modernizing the practical base of our educational institution. Together with                 VTZ—            plan      planning to build a whole production complex on the basis of the technical school for the training of highly qualified personnel in demanded working specialties». To realization of "Professionalism" students who are already studying at the Volga Polytechnic College also joined. They became his ambassadors. At city forums and open educational venues, children explain to their peers the importance and demand for working professions, and demonstrate their own achievements.

The first stream of students of “Professionality” will appear in the fall and in Baikal-Amur Institute of Railway Transport (Tynda). Here they will master such specialties as a technician construction of railways, tracks and track facilities, a technician in electricity supply, a technician in the operation of rolling stock of railways, a technician in automation and telemechanics in transport. «Task — in  to give the graduate all the necessary skills in due to the intensity and practical orientation of training», — commented on the opening of new training programs Governor of the Amur Region Vasily Orlov. JSC Russian Railways will become the key organization of the railway cluster. In 2023 to the federal project "Professionality" one more educational organization of the Amur Region will join — Amur Agricultural College.

Far Eastern Shipbuilding College began cooperation on "Professionalism" with SSK "Zvezda" in direction "Engineering", Ussuri Agro-Industrial College — with RUSAGRO holding in direction «Agriculture». This is a new industry approach to training professionals, which will quickly and efficiently train young people in the skills needed by the market. Thus, the Far Eastern Shipbuilding College (Bolshoy Kamen) admitted about 1500 students in various specialties, including: (surfacing)), shipbuilding and others. In  Ussuriysk Agro-Industrial College 800 young people will study in Agriculture. In within this direction, this year the institution will provide training on the programs: operation and repair of agricultural machinery and equipment, agronomy, veterinary medicine, food technology of animal origin and others.

Primorye &mdash ; the leader among the Far Eastern regions in the number of projects to modernize the system of secondary vocational education within the Professionality program. In  the on the basis of partnership of institutions of secondary vocational education and enterprises, educational and production centers will be created in  "Mechanical engineering", "Construction" and "Transport". “Now in the region, specialists in the construction industry are in demand,” & mdash; said Director of the Far Eastern Technical College Yuri Romanko. — We have already planned the opening of 12 student training workshops, training will take place on modern equipment. Training according to new standards is planned from August 1, 2023».

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