Hey students! Why universities have unoccupied state-funded places

According to the words of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko, 413 thousand out of 425 thousand jobs were employed. budget places.

The Ministry of Education and Science confirmed to aif.ru that state-funded places remained in some universities. “Based on the results of enrollment “in one wave” 97.5% of budget places were filled throughout Russia, — explained in department. — The same indicator for 2021 — 94%. All major universities in Russia have filled their budget places based on the results of the main admission, there is no shortage of students. We are talking about universities such as St. Petersburg State University and Moscow State University. Lomonosov. Of the leaders in engineering education, for example, Moscow State Technical University. N. E. Bauman, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Moscow Polytechnic University also successfully coped with the admission campaign. Among those who closed all budget places, — not only metropolitan, but and regional universities, for example, Far Eastern Federal University and I. Kant Baltic Federal University».

Recall that until  2021 enrollment in universities was carried out in two waves. In the first one had to close 80% of the budget.  Second — remaining places. Such a procedure delayed the process and created unequal opportunities for applicants. “As a result of discussions with expert and university community, it was decided to abolish the “second wave” — told the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science. — According to the current admission procedure, if after the completion of enrollment for training there are vacant budget places, the university can organize an additional admission».

The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia sent a letter to universities with explanations on the organization of additional admission. Until  25 August, it was possible to apply to  universities. Until  5 September, entrance examinations should be held. 7 September, competitive lists will be published. Until  12 September, you must submit your consent to enrollment. On       September 16 the university will publish enrollment orders.       And can it repeat next year?

In 2022 73% of budget places were given to regional universities. Not                                                     At the same time, there were no problems               Everything here was taken apart like hot cakes. That is, a shortage has arisen in engineering specialties. For example, for some reason, this year there were not many who wanted to become meteorologists. The Russian State Hydrometeorological University even sent out a message to schools in the Moscow region that their additional enrollment was announced.

In addition, the average USE score of applicants has decreased in many universities.

By the way, the number of remaining state-funded places correlates with the number of those who did not pass profile mathematics — the minimum score for admission was not  scored 10 thousand. graduates. Plus, this year there are even fewer schoolchildren who chose chemistry and physics for the exam. Hence the lack.

Some changes in the admission rules could have played their role.

“Universities establish a list of admissions, not rigidly fixing general education subjects, but giving a choice to the applicant. For example, math — required, and physics or computer science — to choice. Consequently, even those applicants who passed physics often chose IT areas. Moreover, they are ready to enroll in them under contract, preferring budget places in engineering or electric power», — explained aif.ru in the press service of the Ural Federal University (UrFU).

Another factor that influenced  the fact that the places did not manage to fill in time, could be the submission of documents to  universities through the State Service portal. Since the rules allow you to participate in budget competitions simultaneously in five universities and in each up to 10 directions, the competitive lists in some universities were huge (and in fact everywhere there were the same the same people) . Predict — who will leave, and who will remain — impossible. Seeing himself somewhere in  1725th place in rating, an applicant could apply for  enrollment in a simpler university in order to be sure to enter. And someone who took a risk still could fly out at the last moment when an applicant with higher scores arrived.

Another possible reason — the growing popularity of colleges, which have recently begun to take bread from universities and attract the best graduates.

Nevertheless, Rector of St. Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and  Demidov Alexey Demidov believes that it is not worth pedaling the term "shortage" so much. "I don don see  — the expert thinks. — If we compare the last years of admission, when not all universities on a specific date recruited 100% of budget places. And nobody made a tragedy. Moreover, these unfilled places often amount to 1-2%.”

“There are other reasons for reducing the motivation for enrolling in universities in engineering areas. It is clear that engineering in Soviet times occupied a different position in society than engineering today», — considers Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexei Semyonov. We’ll add from ourselves: and the salaries of engineers today are such that young people are often unimpressive.

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