How do they propose to simplify the procedure for paying for tuition with the help of mother capital?

The procedure for using maternity capital is proposed to be simplified, making it easier. The new initiative of the Cabinet will simplify the allocation of funds for paid education. According to the Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, it will become easier to use the mother's capital to pay for the education of children.

What will change in the procedure for paying for education?

Parents will no longer you will need to provide an agreement on the provision of paid educational services. The Pension Fund specialists will request all the necessary information from educational organizations.

More than a thousand higher educational institutions, almost 2.5 thousand institutions of additional education and 23.5 thousand kindergartens are connected to such information exchange.

What is the size of the mother's capital now?

The amount of maternity capital for the first child today is 524.5 thousand rubles, for the second child an additional 168.6 thousand are paid. If parents did not receive support for their first child before, then at the birth of a second or subsequent child, a certificate is issued immediately for the entire amount – 693.1 thousand rubles.

How do they want to protect citizens from the risk when buying a home with maternity funds?

In order to protect Russians from the risk of buying housing with mother capital funds, the government proposes to create a list of reliable credit consumer cooperatives.

According to Mishustin, when buying housing, families choose credit consumer cooperatives, in including agricultural. “It is important that these are reliable organizations. They must comply with the requirements of the Central Bank, be included in the relevant list,” said the head of the Cabinet.

You can send funds from the mother’s capital to repay a mortgage loan directly from the bank’s application. You do not need to apply to the Pension Fund for this.



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