I gave the word to Alena. Zhanna saved the children of a deceased neighbor, and they were returned to the DPR

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Two orphans, guardianship authorities g. Shakhtyorsk (DPR) was returned from Russia to the republic engulfed in fire. Officials, under various pretexts, do not allow the neighbor of the deceased mother, who saved the babies, to arrange guardianship.

Volunteer from Taganrog Larisa helped the family of Zhanna Lukoyanovaand to leave the combat zone and settle in Russia.

But all her works have not yet brought results — children from Russia, by decision of the guardianship authorities of the city of Shakhtersk (DPR), were forcibly sent back to Donetsk People's Republic.  it's hard to believe — but it is so.

Thanks to volunteer Larisa, I phoned Zhanna, who returned with family from Russia to Mariupol to find the children of a neighbor…

The dead 24-year-old Alena Skvortsova, her two children were saved by Zhanna's family. Photo: Personal archive of Zhanna Lukoyanova.

The death of a pregnant Alena

Zhanna Lukoyanova lived in a dormitory in the city of Mariupol at 14 Gugelya Street. Ukrainian troops.

In April, her family — mother, invalid without a leg, second cousin, two minor children — and about 40 more people were escaping the bombings in the basement of the dormitory.

In the her neighbor Alena Skvortsova, pregnant at fifth month, with two small children.< /p>

7 April Alyona came out of the cellar to put the kettle on the fire. At that time, a Ukrainian shell exploded in the yard.

Alena's legs were hit by shrapnel. She crawled to the entrance to the basement, the last person she saw was Zhanna's eldest son Vladislav. She asked the young man to take care of her children.

The 24-year-old girl died from blood loss. It was not possible to bury her under constant shelling, so the body was covered with a blanket, she was left lying on the street near the house.

Artem and Dasha Skvortsov, who were deported from Russia to the DPR by Shakhtyorsk's guardianship. Photo: Personal archive of Zhanna Lukoyanova.

So her children, Artem and Daria Skvortsovs(5 and 6 years), were orphaned.

 I made a promise to myself not to leave Alena's children to the arbitrariness of fate, to take custody of them myself, because they have no relatives, — says aif. ru Zhanna. —  Artem and Daria grew up in me before my eyes. Alena herself is from an orphanage and it’s unlikely that she wished such a fate for her children.

Zhanna adds: “I dream of Alena, she asks to pick up the children.”

Search for Artem's documents and Dashi

Allied forces evacuated Zhanna and other inhabitants of the basement to the village of Bezymennoe (DPR).

The woman reported the situation to the nearby administration of Shakhtersk (DPR) and asked to give her temporary guardianship. Officials promised that they would make temporary guardianship.

A month later, Zhanna was informed that a birth certificate for the children was needed to complete the paperwork. But these papers remained in the basement.

May 20 Zhanna with sister and son went to Mariupol to find Artyom and Dasha's documents.

“We made our way through checkpoints, at this time” Azov people “surrendered” to Russian troops, “ — the woman remembers. — The Russian military didn let us go to the dormitory, they said that it was mined there. I explained to the officer that it was very necessary, because the children suspended — you need to find a  birth certificate».

Zhanna convinced the people in epaulettes, they were given an accompanying military man. To much disappointment, they didn found no documents in the basement, because it was total chaos.

Jeanne noticed that Alena's body continued to lie, covered with a blanket. A month and a half has passed since her death.

What is left of the hostel on Gugelya street, 14 in Mariupol. Photo: Personal archive of Zhanna Lukoyanova.

No body — no “document of death”

It was problematic to take the kids to Russia without documents. Therefore, the next time Zhanna arrived in Mariupol on June 4th, when the city was finally liberated.

In the basement, she found certificates of the birth of children!

The woman visited the police, where she explained the situation and asked Alena to be buried and issued a death certificate to Jeanne.

It turned out that the Ministry of Emergency Situations took the body, he was taken to the morgue. Then the ends broke off.

“To this day we can't find where Alena was buried, — Jeanne continues. — It became known that a DNA test was taken from the deceased before burial. Therefore, we with children traveled from Shakhtyorsk to Mariupol to take the DNA of children — this, I hope, will help to establish the place of burial of Alena.

The family provided birth certificates to the administration of Shakhtyorsk, but officials also demanded a certificate of death of the mother in order to formalize guardianship.

Until now, the place of Alena's burial has not been determined, which means there is no evidence of death. 

The children were returned to the war

The Lukoyanov family wanted to leave for Russia, the main reason — 70-year-old mother Zhanna Lyudmila Arkadyevnarequired medical attention. By this time, volunteers from Taganrog, Russia, were already helping the Lukoyanovs. Among them, the previously mentioned volunteer Larisa, and her compatriot — Taganrog resident Irina Stukalova from  the charitable organization  Good in Taganrog».

A family with two orphaned children moved into Taganrog, and then, after the distribution of migrants, they were poisoned to a temporary detention center (TAC) Kochubeevsky district of the Stavropol Territory.

As it turned out, this was a mistake. In  the TAC, the children were taken away from their family, they were identified in the orphanage in the village of Balakhonovskoe (Stavropol Territory).

"When we visited the kids, Artem and Dasha cried, asked to go home" — Zhanna says.

And then something strange happened — a decree came to the Stavropol orphanage, according to which the children must be deported to DPR…

That is again in the war zone, from where with with such great difficulty they were taken out.

When the family found out that the children had been deported to the DPR, everyone returned to their native Mariupol.

“Guardianship is unhappy that they took the children to Russia”

In Mariupol, the administration provided Lukoyanov with housing in a private house while the owners are away. Their  dormitory cannot be restored  — building will be demolished. The family cannot take away personal belongings there, because the second floor lay on the first floor and completely burned down.

"I assume that Shakhtersk's guardianship was unhappy with the fact that I took the children to Russia. They didn’t forbid it, but when I told the guardian that we were leaving for Russia tomorrow, she replied, “Go, but no one will let you out.” I I have confirmation of these words in SMS» — says Larisa.

Today, the Mariupol guardianship must submit an official request to the administration of the Kochubeevsky district of the Stavropol Territory to find out where the children are, where they were deported.

Zhanna is not told where the children are, but the family assumes that they were sent to an orphanage in Khartsyzsk (DPR).

According to  the they monitored the addresses of orphanages in the republic, and  ;the safest place — Khartsyzsk. The woman believes that the kids were hardly taken to Donetsk, where shelling does not stop, but Khartsyzsk — this is a deep rear.

Jeanne is not sitting idly — she filed documents for the recognition of the mother of the children as missing, which will give a chance to receive a document about Alenina's death.

A woman monitors the bases of buried Mariupol residents, morgue logs and photographs of unidentified corpses. So far, to no avail, where Alena is buried — not known.

«You see, I now have the meaning of life — fulfill a duty to the deceased Alena, — Jeanne confesses. — Any mother wouldn't abandon children under such circumstances. I knew Alena for many years, lived on the same floor, I have a second room, she — sixth. Her children grew up in me before my eyes».

The Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights Maria Lvova-Belovaresponded to Janna's request to help her 

"The case of the children of the deceased Alena Skvortsova goes beyond all limits of human understanding, — she replied to Jeanne.        adults took many orphan children to Russia from the war zone, and everyone was given the right to guardianship without any problems. I ready to protect your interests. You saved        send  send requests to the head of the orphanage   ;20 "Hope" (Stavropol Territory) and Head of the Service for family and children g. Shakhtyorsk (DPR). We continue to follow the fates of Zhanna and Alena's children.

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