In New Kakhovka told about the peaceful life under shelling

The city needs specialists for public utilities, builders and teachers

Almost two weeks have passed since the night when New Kakhovka was subjected to massive UAF strikes. A powerful explosion of a warehouse with saltpeter and other consequences of rocket strikes turned a significant part of the city into ruins. Now in Nova Kakhovka it has hardly become calmer, but nevertheless it is trying to return to normal life.

Unfortunately, the shelling of Novaya Kakhovka did not end after that terrible night on July 12th. Shells from the Armed Forces of Ukraine continued and continue to arrive in the city districts despite the active work of air defense. For example, on July 17, Ukrainian troops damaged a gas pipeline as a result of shelling. American HIMARS fired at the bridge near the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station.

In addition to shelling, the city is also threatened by the activities of saboteurs and terrorists from the Ukrainian side. On July 20, a man was detained in Nova Kakhovka, who was carrying a package with a bomb. The nationalist was going to carry explosives into the city administration building. The attack was prevented thanks to the vigilance of the security forces.

But the Ukrainian side is trying to intimidate the residents of Novokakhovka by spreading false information to provoke panic.

For the city administration, its restoration is a top priority. According to Vladimir Leontyev, head of the New Kakhovka State Administration, two thirds of the city were destroyed. To restore the settlement, local authorities are looking for residents of Novokakhovka with experience in the construction industry or with specialized equipment. Construction teams from the regions of the Kherson region will also join the restoration of urban infrastructure. Building materials and equipment from Russia should arrive in the city soon.

In the houses of Nova Kakhovka, two teams from Kherson are already installing new double-glazed windows. “Great guys, everything is set well, with high quality. Thanks a lot for your help!” – the Novokakhovchanka thanked the workers.

After warehouses with food and humanitarian aid were destroyed during the shelling, humanitarian supplies from Kherson were sent to the city, which are now delivered regularly.

Peaceful life is not only restored houses and the absence of blockages, but and the continuation of processes related to the daily life of the city. Novokakhovskaya Secondary School No. 1 is already recruiting teachers. Teachers of physics, mathematics, history, biology, primary school teachers are required. The list of vacancies also includes a teacher of Ukrainian language and literature. The proposed salary is from 50 thousand rubles.

Specialists in the maintenance of residential buildings are also in demand in the city: electricians, plumbers, painters, engineers.

In Nova Kakhovka, the the process of issuing Russian passports. On July 19, 15 residents of Novokakhovka received passports of a citizen of the Russian Federation. People came for Russian documents, despite the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In total, more than 6,000 applications for Russian citizenship have been filed in the city.


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