In the US, they started talking about dependence on Europe in a possible conflict with Russia

“We cannot deal with foreign policy threats alone”

The only way for the United States to deal with the growing power of Russia and China is to strengthen its relations with European states militarily. The American edition of The National Interest wrote about this on January 12.


According to the experts of the publication, over the past few years, mutual cooperation between the United States and Europe has encountered great difficulties. “America has made serious strategic and tactical mistakes in managing the alliance,” the article says. “They have created an ever-growing European distrust of US foreign policy. Because of this, at some point, Europe stopped considering America a reliable ally. ”

According to the publication, both the administration of former US President Donald Trump, which was skeptical of Europe as a military ally and belittled its real capabilities, are responsible for this, as well as the current government of Joe Biden. The spontaneous retreat from Afghanistan, as well as the creation of a trilateral defense alliance AUKUS with Great Britain and Australia, which they forgot to notify the closest NATO allies, like France, about which they forgot to notify the closest NATO allies, like France.

“Only two decades, America enjoyed the feeling of superiority over the rest of the world, but at some point she lost the palm to other states. It must be admitted that now the United States will not be able to cope with foreign policy threats alone, especially when there are several of these threats, ”the author of the article concludes.

Experts believe that the US armed forces will not be able to cope with Russia and China, so the United States must join forces with Europe. For example, for the European Union to contain Russian troops while the US military takes over the Asian theater of operations. At the same time, the United States will not mind the deployment of European troops in the Indo-Pacific region and the organization of joint military exercises in Asia, as this will allow both armies to improve interaction with each other.


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