Izvestia learned about the proposal of the deputy to nationalize the assets of Ukraine

Sergei Obukhov turned to the Cabinet of Ministers and the UK with a proposal to nationalize the assets of Ukrainian officials and the military responsible for the shelling of Russian territories, the LPR and the DPR. He believes they can go to compensate the victims

Sergey Obukhov

The deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Sergey Obukhov sent an appeal to the government and the UK, in which he proposed to nationalize the assets of those responsible for the shelling of the territories of Russia, the DPR and the LPR, Izvestia reports. with reference to the document.

Obukhov suggests that this process will include the assets of Ukrainian officials and the military. In his opinion, the nationalized assets can be used to pay compensation to victims of shelling.

On March 10, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky signed a law that allowed the forcible seizure of the property of Russian legal entities without compensation for its value. In May, the law was expanded to include those who support the Russian special operation, including Russian citizens, persons closely associated with Russia (for example, living in the country), companies operating in Ukraine, the beneficiary of which is Russia.

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“A symmetrical response to the seizure of Russian assets in Ukraine should be a clear signal to other countries that have already begun to openly discuss how to dispose of Russia's frozen wealth,”— quoting Izvestia Sergei Obukhov.

Anatoly Vyborny, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption (United Russia), stressed that when working out the nationalization mechanism, it is necessary to preserve the institution of private property. “If we can develop a legal mechanism that, on the one hand, preserves the institution of private property, and on the other hand, makes it possible to turn the assets [of Ukrainians involved in the shelling] into state revenue, then we all need to work on such a solution,” &mdash ; he noted.

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Member of the faction «Fair Russia— For the truth” Igor Ananskikh, in turn, pointed out that Obukhov's initiative, if it is implemented, should become the exception, not the rule, so as not to scare away foreign investors. Sergei Leonov, a member of the LDPR faction, stressed that the measure would only apply to those responsible for the shelling.

After the start of the Russian operation, the Russian border regions, in particular the Kursk, Bryansk and Belgorod regions, report shelling from Ukraine. As a result of the shelling, there were casualties and wounded, residential and outbuildings were destroyed or damaged.

In the spring, Russia discussed the issue of nationalizing the property of Western companies that had left the Russian market. In early March, Andriy Turchak, secretary of the General Council of the party, said that the party was proposing the idea of ​​nationalization. “This is an extreme measure, but we will not tolerate stabs in the back, and our people— let's protect»,— he explained.

The speaker of the Federation Council, Valentina Matviyenko, spoke out against the nationalization. “I personally am against any kind of nationalization, I think that this should not be done. But there are other options for replacing them with Russian companies, shareholders, & mdash; she explained.

As a result, the development received a proposal to introduce external management at Russian subsidiaries; departed Western companies. The corresponding bill was approved by the State Duma at the end of May in the first reading. In order for a company to be managed externally, it must meet several criteria, including 25% foreign ownership, and the company must be essential to economic stability.

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