Japanese Breakfast Show Brings Beacon of Hope to Downtown Los Angeles

Japanese Breakfast Show Brings Beacon of Hope to Downtown Los Angeles
October 5, 2021
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Photos and Review by LUIS MORENO
Photo Editor

Driving into downtown Los Angeles at night the first thing I noticed were the empty the streets. There were many buildings with a “For Lease” signs in their huge windows.

In contrast as I looked further down Main Street I saw a bright light emanating from The Regent’s marquee that touted Japanese Breakfast. The light seemed to generate more than a name, it almost seemed like a beacon of hope and destination.

Once I walked into The Regent I could feel a sense of unity and eagerness. It was a great change from the scene on the streets.

Japanese Breakfast at The Regent – Photo © 2021 Luis Moreno

Japanese Breakfast the indie rock band headed by Korean-American Michelle Zauner, who is also a director and author of the book Crying in H Mart.  Japanese Breakfast is on tour supporting their latest album Jubilee released last June via Dead Oceans.

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Zauner walked on stage in a sheer white dress sprinkled with some red through it. The reason I mention it is because it would capture the energy of her fans … light and vibrant.

Japanese Breakfast brings light to The Regent – Photo © 2021 Luis Moreno

Zauner started the evening with “Paprika” from her latest album which she also performed on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.  With every bang of the gong the crowd would cheer.

The next 2 songs on the set list would go to “In Heaven” and “That Woman That Loves You” from the Psychopomp album which are more up tempo songs.  The songs would continue the Aurora Borealis experience that was growing with every beat.

Japanese Breakfast would then go back to a song from Jubilee with “Kokomo, IN” which kept the tranquil experience on track.  Zauner really seemed in touch with her audience and what they love about her which is honesty and vulnerability.  So if you’re familiar with her music, books and videos then you know she doesn’t know how to be anything else but earnest.


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