Kudrin announced another trip to Israel to “stop rumors”

The head of the Accounts Chamber will again go to Israel for pre-scheduled medical consultations, and in May he will speak in the State Duma. Kudrin said that he was announcing this in order to “stop rumors before they appear” .jpg” alt=”Kudrin announced another trip to Israel to “stop rumors”” />

Alexey Kudrin

Head of the Accounts Chamber Alexei Kudrin wrote in his Telegram that he was going to Israel for previously scheduled medical consultations.

According to Kudrin, he reports this in order to “stop rumors before they appear.” “With all the necessary formalities and with all permissions, I will be in Israel again,” — he said.

The head of the Accounts Chamber added that in May he should have speeches in the State Duma, they will also go according to plan.

April 9 Telegram channel «VChK-OGPU» reported that Kudrin had left Russia; according to him, the head of the Accounts Chamber was noticed at the Ritz hotel in Israeli Herzliya (a resort near Tel Aviv). Kudrin later confirmed that he was in Israel, but emphasized that this was a long-planned weekend trip.

Three days later, Kudrin spoke to the Federation Council with a report on the work of the Accounts Chamber for 2021.

In early March, a few days after the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak announced her departure with her son on a planned vacation. She emphasized that she did not emigrate from the country. On April 9, Haaretz, citing sources, wrote that Sobchak received Israeli citizenship. In response, she posted a video from the Moscow region on her Telegram channel and stated that she was in Russia.

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