Kyiv Demands Much More “Game-Changing” Weapons from the West

Ukrainian authorities insist on increasing the supply of rocket launchers

The Kyiv authorities demand more supplies of rocket launchers from the West. According to Zelensky's aide Oleksiy Arestovich, Ukraine needs 60 multiple rocket launchers, much more than the UK and US have promised.


Oleksiy Arestovich, a military adviser to the head of the Ukrainian presidential administration, told The Guardian that while he considers Western-supplied rocket launchers to be “game-changing weapons,” not enough has been done to turn the tide of the conflict.

“The smaller we we get, the worse our situation will be. Our troops will continue to die, and we will continue to lose ground,” Arestovich said, actually accusing the Western countries, which have dozens of missile systems, of donating only four or five to Ukraine.

On Monday, the UK said it would provide Ukraine with several M270 tracked rocket launchers carrying missiles with a range of around 50 miles (80 km), days after the US said it would send four similar truck-based highly mobile artillery missile systems to Ukraine ( HIMARS).

As The Guardian writes, Arestovich said that Ukraine needs many times more multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), which have a range far greater than anything in the country's existing arsenal.

According to the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the US Army has 363 HIMARS and 225 M270 rocket launchers, and the US Marines have another 47 rocket launchers, while the UK has 35 of its M270 versions, indicating the possibility of supplying more to Ukraine. .

Russia has repeatedly said it would step up its offensive in Ukraine if longer-range missiles are delivered, recalls The Guardian.

Meanwhile, China's Global Times commented on Russian President Vladimir Putin's warnings that Russia would strike new targets if modern missile systems were supplied to Ukraine, adding that the new arms shipments to Kyiv are aimed at “prolonging the conflict.”

Song Zhongping, a Beijing-based military expert, told the Global Times that the targets the Russian president spoke about could be both inside and outside Ukraine.

The Chinese edition notes that the United States from the very beginning sent more modern and heavy weapons to Ukraine and escalated the situation. The United States is well aware that the protracted conflict between Russia and Ukraine serves their interests.

At the same time, Xu Liang, an associate professor at the School of International Relations at Peking University of International Studies, told Global Times that the nature of US military assistance to Ukraine has changed: “US military assistance has far exceeded its original goal of helping Ukraine win the conflict with Russia. The United States has taken into account its national interests, and its military assistance to Ukraine is in line with its strategic goal of the struggle for world domination.”

Egoism has always been a hallmark of American foreign policy, and the ongoing Ukrainian conflict is the best evidence of this, emphasizes Global Times. With its own interests in mind, the US will not take any responsibility for the development of the countries it calls “allies” or “partners” and does not care about the welfare of the people in these countries. As the Ukrainian crisis drags on, the United States, despite having the key to resolving the crisis, continues to escalate tensions between Russia and Ukraine and create more and more obstacles to a peaceful settlement.

In other words, states the Chinese publication, the United States is trying to take advantage of the Ukrainian crisis to maintain its hegemony in the world: “The global leadership of the United States has already been shaken. From the US withdrawal from Syria, its debacle in Afghanistan, to its current settling in Ukraine, the United States has always wanted to control the situation behind the scenes and reap the rewards.”


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