Lil B – Lone Warrior Lyrics

Evil Red Flame
Thank you for downloading and collecting
We got a long wild ride
This life shit is crazy, you feel me
I’m telling you man, niggas don’t know
This for life, you feel me
On my life, man
This is Final… yeah
You know, motherfuckers try to tell you everything that you can’t do, what you won’t do
Niggas like me ain’t gon’ stop

This is Final Fantasy, the end of the new world
Kind of like the free world, when it gave Sea World
Niggas moved down from the train, can’t take the rain
Wanna bomb the whole block, dude can’t take the Flame
Damn near killed himself cause his girl cheating
Lot of niggas claim real but false preaching
He might look real, not deceived by his features
In the mean time, it’s getting money time
Lord protect me from the evil people
I’ma watch my own back, got my own stacks
Got my own pad and I’m writing new raps
Let the top back, let the roof back
Niggas won’t stop the realest
I hustle hard, you can feel it
Red Flame, evil version, trust me nigga thugging
Protect me from blood shed, them fake niggas spitting
Dynasty Warrior, top of the division
Lil B

This Evil Red Flame, I’m a warrior
I feel like I’m a lone warrior
Alone Shaolin style
Walking through this world alone
There’ll be a lot pain
A lot of praise
But you know that’s what happens when you’re a samurai
Lil B, Lone Warrior

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