Lil Skies – Barz Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Skies]
Yeah SKG
D2 double R FDE
Let’s get it homie
Bars, I give ’em bars
Bars, bars
Bars, dog I give ’em bars

[Verse 1: Lil Skies]
Long days but I’m still making money
These cats is laughing at me but I don’t see nothing funny
See I’m a real dude, I hang with real [?]
You picking up my carrots, you better run bunny
See I don’t fake at all, my money big and your money small
You stepping out of bounds so you can’t ball
[?] we came to take it all
Had to past the top
No I don’t ever run with them cops
And if you ask me why I win so much, I tell you I can’t stop
Going hard and I’m back again
So much money you can’t package it
[?] so it’s legit
Going hard, I did it on my own
Your man jacking my swag tryna clone
I don’t even care I feel like [?]
I’m a hometown homie leave me alone
Yo I skateboard until my feet hurt
Write rhymes until my hands hurt
On every beat dog I rebirth
Going insane with the flow like I was having a seizure
Murdering every track I’m on like I was [?]
Okay hold up, I’m swagging out
Dog you got a girl and I’m the only thing she talks about
It’s not a problem, lil mami tryna roll
Dog I got mad money so you know I [?]
And I’ma keep it real because I never ever lie
I’m so high up in the sky dog I couldn’t spell fly
When you see me walk around, homie look into my eyes
I’m a definition of a king, these other dudes can die
And I ain’t gotta fake for nothing
Homie yes I’m always stunting
Mommy looking at me like she want a little something something
It’s okay, I tell bring her friends too
I ain’t got a problem with it, you know I do what I do
It’s Glowing Microphones, Lil Skies I’m taking over now
Been here for a second, it’s like I been here for a while
I ain’t even gonna trip, that SKG is what I’m repping
You just been schooled and I really hope you learned your lesson

[Hook: Lil Skies]
Bars, bars
Dog I give ’em bars
Bars, you know I’m spitting bars
Bars, I said I give ’em bars
Bars, dog we give ’em bars

[Verse 2: Dirrty Phil]

[Hook: Dirrty Phil]
Bars, bars
Dog I give ’em bars
Bars, you know I’m spitting bars
Bars, I said I give ’em bars
Bars, dog we give ’em bars
Bars, you know we spitting bars


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