LPR officer appreciates reward of one million for information about Azov militants

“Our military will do everything to bring these non-humans alive”

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has announced a reward for helping to capture the commanders of the nationalist battalion “Azov” (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation ) Konstantin Nemichev and Sergei Velichko. This information is posted on the agency's website. They are wanted for bullying the Russian military. Fyodor Sergeev, an officer of the People's Militia of the Luhansk People's Republic, in an interview with MK, told how this information was received in the power circles of the republic.

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Investigators found that Nemichev and Velichko tortured Russian servicemen and killed them with particular cruelty. They are included in the federal list of “ten most dangerous wanted criminals” and put on the interstate wanted list. It was reported that a million rubles was promised for information about their location.

“Of course, the servicemen of our Second Army Corps, who now, together with the Armed Forces of Russia and the troops of the Donetsk People's Republic, continue to liberate the territory of the DPR, took this news with enthusiasm,” the officer shares. – I can’t say that Velichko and Nemichev are not interesting to us without the promised reward, but now, I think, the desire and desire to help colleagues from the “mainland”, and bring war criminals alive to trial will be even higher. Of course, if these people are still somewhere on the territory of the DPR, then when it is released, our servicemen will make every effort to detain the defendants, as they say, with minimal damage – so that they can answer to the fullest extent of the law, without any – or mitigating circumstances for the crimes committed.

– To a certain extent, yes. Despite the fact that a significant part of the Azov regiment, as we all know, was taken prisoner during the liberation of the Azovstal plant, the members of this formation who are at large continue to take part in hostilities. Many more with great bitterness and bitterness.

We know that the Nazis are still behaving quite aggressively not only towards the military, but also towards the civilian population of the still occupied territories of the DPR. Therefore, if we talk about the psychological effect of the detention of the commanders of the national battalion, then, in my opinion, it is 50 to 50. For some, this news can have a demoralizing effect and force them to really leave the combat zone or surrender. Others, I think, on the contrary, will fight even more aggressively, realizing that they are being hunted. Moreover, taking into account the effect of psychotropic drugs, which, as everyone knows, militants take. Their unstable psyche will “crackle” even more.

– In fact, Ukrainian commanders are often quite far from the front line and real combat operations. Therefore, I think that in the current situation, the probability of catching these people near the line of clashes is quite small. They will strive to at least leave the war zone, and most likely, leave the territory of Ukraine altogether.

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