Manufacturer Bayraktar excluded the supply of Russia “for any money”

The manufacturer Bayraktar excluded the supply of drones to Russia, “no matter how much money they offer” The company signed projects with Ukraine in the defense industry, the country has been using Bayraktar drones since 2018, the CEO recalled. In addition, according to the Ukrainian ambassador, the manufacturer will build a plant there

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Bayraktar, a Turkish drone manufacturer, will not sell them to Russia because it cooperates with Ukraine, Baykar CEO Haluk Bayraktar said in an interview with the BBC Russian Service.

“No matter how much money they offered us, honestly speaking, there can be no question of handing over their [drones] to them [Moscow] in this situation, — said the businessman.

According to Bayraktar, Bayraktar systems have been used in Ukraine since 2018. He also added that projects in the defense industry were signed with this country.

Earlier, the Turkish businessman has already spoken about the lack of plans to supply drones to Russia because of the support of Ukraine. So, in July, he explained that the company is transferring drones to the Ukrainian side, and then it buys engines. They are planned to be used for the new Akyndzhi drone. of a higher class, the BBC specified Bayraktar.

The Ukrainian military uses Bayraktar in combat operations, the Russian Ministry of Defense has repeatedly reported downed Turkish drones in Ukraine.

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Earlier in August, Ukrainian Ambassador to Turkey Vasily Bodnar said, that Baykar will build a plant in Ukraine. The Cabinet of Ministers sent the construction agreement to the Rada, and the Turkish company has already created a Ukrainian subsidiary, bought a land plot and designed the future enterprise. The ambassador admitted that the plant will be launched before 2023. The Kremlin said that the issue of building such an enterprise in Ukraine “falls under the topic of demilitarization.”

In late July, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, talking to him, expressed a desire to establish cooperation with manufacturer Bayraktar. On August 5, a meeting of leaders took place in Sochi. After it, the Kremlin said that the drones were not discussed.

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