Margarita Simonyan said she was threatened again

To the editor-in-chief of the media group “Russia Today” and the RT TV channel Margarita Simonyan again received threats. She announced this in her Telegram channel.

The journalist published a scan of a letter in which she, her relatives and TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov were threatened.

Simonyan said that she had transmitted information about the threats law enforcement officers.

Earlier, the media published information about the threats that were made by the Ukrainian nationalist battalion “Azov” * against Simonyan. The published message indicates the methods of violence and reprisals against the journalist and her family members.

The head of the ICR, Alexander Bastrykin, previously ordered an investigation into the threats received against Margarita Simonyan and her family members.

* The organization is recognized as a terrorist organization and banned in Russia.

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