Mayor of Nikolaev Vitaliy Kim began to recruit suicide bombers from civilians

There are problems with medicines and electricity in the city, and water comes to the townspeople in dreams

The head of the city of Nikolaev and part-time blogger Vitaly Kim recorded another video message, aggressive and not very adequate. This time, the official planned to throw civilians to certain death: he called on the townspeople to resist Russian military equipment if it came to the city and build barricades around the “government quarter”, apparently to protect officials. He promised to name the collection point for volunteers later. At the same time, as the inhabitants of the city found out, there has been no defense near Nikolaev for a long time.

Vitaly Kim Photo: Frame from video

Restless in Nikolaev. The city is very “loud”, residents are asked not to leave their homes unnecessarily. The townspeople have noted the aggravation of the situation since last day: “Actually, we also had a cannonade last night. True, far. In the Lyman area. Not so active, but they shoot constantly. A strong roar in the Nikolaev area is still heard today, sirens are constantly roaring over the city.

Someone suggests that this is the exercise of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: “Explosions from the test site,” they write in social networks. However, other residents immediately refute this theory: “Teachings in a war zone? It's like washing under water.

But it will not be possible to bathe under real water in Nikolaev for a long time. “At night I dreamed that they gave me water!” – a normal dream for a city dweller now.

Water is now worth its weight in gold. It is given for short periods of time and only in certain areas. The so-called “water magnates” also appeared in the city. For example, news was found in social networks that in the central part of the city, near an elite cottage settlement, public utilities drilled a separate well for residents. Residents    — “birds of high flight”: former officials and deputies. All this is happening while the residents of neighboring houses, the most ordinary people, are standing in line for water with canisters and bottles. Industrial water is brought to them in trucks from neighboring regions and distributed for bottling.

Why is there no water? According to the authorities, the water supply pumping water from the Dnieper was damaged. But angry citizens believe more in the corruption component. There is an opinion that someone made good money selling humanitarian water and drilling wells, –– tells “Moskovsky Komsomolets” resident Svetlana. – Reserve plumbing was refused to run for the same reason. If this is true, then there are no words how to call this provocation…

– Certainly. Subscription fee for use. But there is no water and never will be. But local officials drilled a well right in the curb near their house.

Residents are also experiencing power outages. Many are not satisfied with the position of the authorities, they do not hesitate to express dissatisfaction in the same format in which they communicate with them — record video messages. “Well hello, our Nikolaev authorities, – one of the local residents is outraged in the video. – Why did you leave us without light for the second day? You dumped us! Vitaly Kim, you know very well where we are. Our Ukrainians fired at our houses, they broke the cable, not Russia. There has been no light here for a long time.

It is difficult to find medicines in the city. According to the administration of Nikolaev, most pharmacies do not work due to constant “air raids”. Those that are still functioning may close at any time. The price of all public transport has increased, including intercity transport: “Today my mother and I traveled from Odessa to Nikolaev. It turned out to be very easy. The checkpoints that were at the very beginning on the highway are no longer there. Yes, there are trenches in the fields, there are sandbags along the road, but there is no defense for a long time. And I don’t understand at all why the price of the Odessa — Nikolaev» from 180 hryvnias (414 rubles) to 400 hryvnias (920 rubles). 

For those who cannot stand the delights of such a life, the possibility of evacuation has not yet been lost. “From Nikolaev through Odessa to the border checkpoint” Palanka ” a minibus rides under a red cross. Without a queue we pass all checkpoints and customs. Volunteers meet our passengers at the border and, if desired, take them to the refugee accommodation centers. – reads one of the proposals in the social network.


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