Medvedev proposed to create a system of preferences for refugees from Donbass

The Deputy Chairman of the Security Council also urged not to leave the facts of oppression of Russians abroad without reaction and to carefully monitor such incidents

In Russia, it is necessary to develop a system of legal preferences to facilitate the resettlement of refugees from Donbass to Russia. This was stated by Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia, during a meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission on Migration Policy, TASS reports. they will express such a desire,»,— he said.

According to him, in the near future Russia will adopt a new law that will regulate the entry, stay and exit of migrants. “Here it will be necessary to analyze the existing international treaties and assess their compliance with this bill,” — Medvedev noted.

In addition, he urged not to leave the facts of oppression of Russians abroad without reaction, and said that the authorities should consider how to continue cooperation with unfriendly countries in the field of migration policy.

“A number of Western countries are taking unfriendly steps towards our state. Moreover, we are not only talking about sanctions, we are talking about the consequences of a migration nature: employees of diplomatic missions are expelled, diplomatic property is seized, the issuance of visa permits is reduced or completely canceled, Russian citizens abroad are subjected to harassment and discrimination, — pointed out the deputy chairman of the Security Council.

Medvedev also called for monitoring everything that happens in this area, and everything that “is being done against our companies, against our state institutions, and even more so actions directed against our citizens.”

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On the morning of February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of a military operation in Ukraine to “demilitarize and denazify” . After that, the civilian population began to leave the country.

More than 5.4 million refugees have left Ukraine since February 24, according to the UN. Poland (2.9 million), Romania (810 thousand), Russia (656 thousand) accepted the largest number of them. 513 thousand people went to Hungary, to Moldova— 441 thousand, to Slovakia— 367 thousand

At the same time, the press service of the Ombudsman for Human Rights Tatiana Moskalkova reported on April 13 that more than 670 thousand people had arrived in Russia from the territories of the republics of Donbass and Ukraine since the beginning of the special operation, of which more 29 thousand at that time were in temporary accommodation centers.

Earlier, on December 29, 2021, Russian President Vladimir Putin submitted to the State Duma a draft law on the simplified acquisition of Russian citizenship. According to it, the authorities can reduce the requirements for admission to citizenship for more than 20 categories of citizens.

Among them are citizens of the countries of the former USSR and their children, participants in the state program to facilitate the voluntary resettlement of compatriots to Russia, people whose close relatives are citizens of Russia or in a direct ascending line permanently resided on the territory of the Russian Empire or the USSR. Spouses will be able to go through a simplified procedure, but only if they have a common child.

The President will only deal with admission to citizenship in an exceptional manner. It concerns veterans of the Great Patriotic War, persons with special merits to Russia and those who are of interest to the country by virtue of their profession.

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