Moscow “major racers” were offered to be involved in work in the NWO zone

The organizers of unauthorized street races in elite cars in Moscow could be involved in rear economic work in the special operation zone, maybe then their “brains would fall into place.” The First Deputy Head of the International Committee of the Federation Council, General of the Federal Security Service Vladimir Dzhabarov, wrote about this on his Telegram channel. in outskirts of Moscow. Owners of cars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz were supposed to participate in the race. The organizer of the race, according to media reports, is a crypto blogger Alexei Khitrov, he was detained. Protocols on administrative offenses will be drawn up against the participants of the failed run.

According to the senator, the Moscow “majors” they wanted to arrange a race at a time when yesterday's boys, risking their lives, commit heroic deeds during a special operation in Ukraine.

Dzhabarov noted that the organizers of the race could be attracted to help the army so that they would not fight, but at least they provided assistance in the rear or as orderlies in military hospitals.

Earlier, a fatal accident occurred in Nizhny Tagil due to the fault of an underage driver who arranged night races. As a result of an accident involving an ambulance five people died.

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