New package of US military aid to Ukraine turned out to be mocking

“They are waiting for the promised three years”

The United States announced another $3 billion military aid package to Ukraine. However, as US Deputy Secretary of Defense Colin Kohl explained, the new package is a demonstration of the Americans' commitment to “Ukraine's long-term security.” And so long-term that, according to Kohl, it turns out, “has nothing to do with the fights today, tomorrow or next week.” Military experts told MK what supplies this package is about.

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According to General Colin Cole, the new weapon will be in the “square” in “one, two or three years.” The Pentagon will first have to conclude contracts for its production. So it's still a big question, who is the Pentagon actually planning to help: Kyiv or its own military-industrial complex?

The new package of military assistance to Kyiv is promised: six short- and medium-range mobile anti-aircraft missile systems NASAMS with ammunition for them; artillery shells for 155 mm howitzers; 24 anti-artillery radar systems; 120 mm mortar ammunition; means of combating Vampire drones; reconnaissance drones Puma and equipment for reconnaissance drones Scan Eagle.

As well as laser-guided missile systems; Claymore anti-personnel ammunition; twenty 120-mm mortars and 20 thousand shells for them; hundreds of anti-tank systems AT4, 1000 Javelin and, of course, ammunition for HIMARS, as well as funds for the training of military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Military expert Yuriy Podolyaka wondered why this long-term assistance package is only about six mobile anti-aircraft NASAMS short and medium range missile systems? Such a volume of supplies will not solve the problem of covering the airspace of Ukraine.

On his Telegram channel, he noted that this complex, created on the basis of American short-range and medium-range air-to-air missiles, will be provided to the Ukrainian armed forces for the first time. And the number “6” indicates that these are just tests. The Americans are delivering a battery pack that they are going to test in real combat conditions against their most important enemy.

That is, in this case, the Pentagon took care of its military-industrial complex and its army, but definitely not about Ukraine. At first, the NATO countries used to float all their old weapons there in order to save on its disposal, and now they are turning Ukraine into a testing ground.

General Cole, by the way, said that the main emphasis in the planned supply of ammunition, the Pentagon is going to put on a family of 227 mm GMLRS guided missiles used in the M270 MLRS and M142 HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems. Allegedly, it was they who had an “incredible effect” in Ukraine when “Ukrainians use them for high-precision strikes on command posts, logistics hubs and other logistics facilities.” This, as the general stated, “gave the effect of disrupting the advance of Russian troops in the east.”

Kol, of course, did not remember a single civilian object that was hit by their HIMARS with GMLRS shells. What for? However, the captain of the 1st rank in the reserve, Vladimir Gundarov, in an interview with the MK journalist, drew attention to an important fact.

“Long-range missiles for HIMARS were not given to the Ukrainians again,” says Gundarov, “although this issue was raised and resolved at the highest level in the United States. Again they said that they would have enough missiles with a range of up to 90 km for their eyes. And this means that in the event of the supply of long-range weapons, the Americans are still seriously afraid of an escalation of the conflict in Ukraine.

The expert recalled that Chancellor Scholz also promised to supply Ukraine with weapons worth more than 500 million euros.

– True, he will be able to do this no earlier than 2023, – Gundarov clarifies. – I wonder how many regions will then remain part of Ukraine? Moreover, immediately after Scholz's promises, literally the very next day, German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock announced that Germany had an “absolute shortage” of its own military reserves. Simply put, they would like to help, but there is nothing. Just like the Americans. All the money from the announced US assistance package will go to corporations of the American military-industrial complex, and only promises to Ukrainians.

According to Gundarov, the British, too, under the pretext of a special operation in Ukraine, are in a hurry to feed their military-industrial complex.< /p>

– True, during his last visit to Kyiv, – the expert says, – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson somehow already said not too confidently about the possibility of Ukraine to “win” … But he promised Kyiv 850 Black Hornet micro-drones, designed specifically for residential use. Apparently, the “humane British colonizers”, who have a rich historical experience of shooting civilians in their colonies, now hope to turn every Ukrainian city and village into a field of fierce battles.


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