No right to children. How does the ex-wife of Nikolai Kolesov fight for her kids?

A story as old as the world — dad and mom are trying to share the kids. Now the young ex-wife of an entrepreneur and a former politician is deprived of parental rights for three children. At the same time, the woman believes that everything was done illegally.

In the  court order, owner of the helicopter company Nikolai Kolesov took away two daughters and son from his ex-wife. And now, for the unfortunate woman, one of the most important tasks has become the return of the right to raise her babies to herself.

The biography of the father of the kids is rich in events and positions. So, he was the governor of the Amur region in 2007-2008. Nikolai is also a full member of the Academy of Natural Sciences of the Russian Federation, an honorary academician of the International Academy of Quality and Marketing, a full member of the Academy of Military Sciences. In his first marriage he had two children who are now adults. And here's about the second marriage, in which the businessman had three kids — two twin girls and boy — It isn't mentioned much anywhere.

Hate story

Nicholas and DianaWe met about 20 years ago, when the girl was 17 years old, Diana herself recalls. At that time, she lived in  Kazan and prepare after graduation for exams. In  her plans were to enter the pedagogical faculty of English and French languages.

When she had an affair with an adult man, her parents didn welcome it. But then they were fascinated by his attitude towards the young chosen one.

The romance proceeded perfectly, the couple planned children. When the woman was in the third month of pregnancy, the couple signed. A big wedding was not played — wanted to celebrate after childbirth. But it turned out not before   — The first pregnancy was difficult at first. Then, after being discharged some time later, Diana became pregnant again.

A black cat ran between spouses in 2019 year. Then the whole family went to & nbsp; Dubai, where the father of the family has real estate. The threat of mortal danger that hung over the world frightened Nikolay Kolesov — he was afraid of death, began to talk about it often. The whole family was vaccinated and almost never left the house so as not to bring the infection. Diana notes that at this moment he literally “broke” on alcohol, smoked a lot. At requests not to smoke in front of the children, with her words, he began to break loose and throw objects and dishes. "This was absolutely not the the person whom I once loved, with whom dreamed to until the end of our days  — says Diana.

The situation didn change on returning to Moscow. On the contrary, it only got worse and worse. Then the question arose about divorce — the woman believed that he will be afraid of losing her and will become the same, caring and loving again. In the end, they got divorced, and there was a question about children.

Diana notes that the nannies she knew were fired, others were put in their place, as a result, the mother simply could not find out if the children were in order. Nikolai Kolesov, at the same time, wrote a statement to the police that the woman allegedly tried to get into foreign territory. And this word — “foreign” — it hurts the most for her. After all, she lived in this house for 7 years, her personal belongings, some documents remained there. Security doesn't let her in either. Also, the woman receives and threats from strange numbers. As a result, Nikolai deprived Diana of maternal rights, because of which she is now legally deprived of the opportunity to find out how her babies are. But at the same time, the woman does not give up and fights, every day she fights for her babies, for the right to be called their mother. After all, she believes it was taken from her illegally.

Legal assistance

Diana Kolesova is sure that in the whole situation, her ex-husband's assistant was a lawyer. Her former lawyer Tatyana Slavinskaya. The piquancy of the situation is that the lawyer — mother of three children herself. A woman with experience and very titled — she is a member of the Association of Lawyers of the Russian Federation, adviser of the State Duma apparatus of the  and vice-president for legal issues of one of companies.

Diana Kolesova, at the beginning of her divorce story, when the order of communication with children was discussed, issued a power of attorney to the lawyer and completely relied on her to protect her rights. “I and couldn’t have imagined that all this would result in the deprivation of my parental rights. For a long time, she sent me a report, including audio messages from Kolesov, that they are discussing in detail the order of communication, agreeing on the details and are about ready to sign   — Diana is lamenting today.

Moreover, the woman really listened to their negotiations and was almost 100% sure that things were going to peace signing. She was even sent the text of the settlement agreement. In fact, a parallel trial was going on to deprive her of parental rights. At the court, Diana was represented by a certain Malinovsky, whom, as Diana says, she never knew herself and has not seen eyes s seen. Moreover, which is strange, according to Diana, — this representative made no objection during the meeting to the woman being deprived of her children. As soon as the case was done, lawyer Slavinskaya stopped contacting — — didn didn pick up the phone and sent Diana to block in all social networks and messengers.

Now the young mother continues to fight for her children and hopes that the court will take her side, because the first the decision was made without her knowledge and illegally, as the woman is sure.

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