Officials felt ashamed of Russia on Victory Day

The Lenin Mausoleum will again be hidden from the people

Once a year, some bureaucrats at the top have a fit of shame about the history of their own country. A whole year – nothing, they live for themselves, do not think. And on Victory Day – once, and right in the face: Lenin urgently needs to be deleted. This May was no exception – the Mausoleum will be draped again for the duration of the Parade.

Photo: Natalya Muschinkina

The Mausoleum was draped, contrary to popular belief, not at all with the collapse of the USSR. The first time this happened was when Russia was already completely bourgeois – in the “fat zero”, in 2005. Since then, that has been the case. Like Victory Day – we close Lenin.

Logic in this is zero. Lenin created the USSR – the country thanks to which we celebrate Victory Day. Banners and standards of the defeated enemy were thrown to the foot of the Mausoleum. But it is on Victory Day that Lenin seems to be absent.

This year, against the backdrop of the events taking place in Ukraine, the “cancellation” of Lenin, but in fact it is another unsuccessful attempt to cancel our Soviet history, looks already quite strained and artificial.

See what banners (sometimes with the tricolor, and sometimes without) raise our troops over the cities of Ukraine? The same red banners that raised the great-grandfathers of the current soldiers who beat the Nazis – the flag of the USSR. Look at the red flags on our armored vehicles going into battle, on the chevrons of our special forces. Then, during the Great Patriotic War, Soviet soldiers were Nazis. Now every high rostrum is talking about denazification. But the Mausoleum was shamefully hidden. So do we continue our history or not?

President Putin says that the West wants to rewrite history, wants to equate the USSR with Nazi Germany, erase from memory the role of the Soviet Union as the winner in World War II. He said more than once – we will not allow this. But what then happens on Red Square on May 9, when the founder of the USSR seems to be no more, they erase him from memory? Who rewrites history?

We had different princes, kings, emperors, leaders, general secretaries and presidents. Completely different – creators and destroyers, executioners and peacemakers, losers and winners. We had Lenin and Stalin, who recreated a great empire on a new basis, and there was (and is still alive) Gorbachev and there was Yeltsin, after whom the “greatest geopolitical catastrophe” happened. Who are you ashamed of?

The correct answer is none. Evaluation of the role of each is necessary. Crossing out of history is a mistake. Shame is for a psychiatrist.

But some bureaucrats up there are still ashamed. It's time to get well.


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