Papa can do anything. Father of many children was given money for an apartment

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“AiF” together with readers writes the story of Alexander Galkinand his sons with happy endings.

One girl wrote that she would consider an honor to marry such a man. Just like this: “I would” consider it an honor.

“AiF” for more than the first year he has been helping Alexander Galkin and two of his sons, Sasha and Vadim. And finally, our efforts were crowned with success. Joyful Alexander called and said: the assembly of deputies has finally allocated money for an apartment.

The Galkins (a Vadim — a disabled person since childhood) huddle in an old studio 28 m². Alexander has been on the line for improvement of living conditions for a million years. All the time — at number one, and use — zero. Tired of waiting by the sea for the weather, Galkin Sr. went to court last year and, of course, won the process. The matter has become small: where can the city administration get the living space that should be transferred by Galkin according to the law? In their native Kuse — a small town in Chelyabinsk region — there is simply no housing that could be transferred under a social lease agreement.

We tugged at the administration: after all, you can not follow the law? Should do something? And the thing seemed to have moved, but… However, first things first.

Vadim is already 19, but mentally he has always remained a child. Photo: From the personal archive.

“An error occurred!”

"Just  to be in time" — Alexander Galkin raced from  another "watch" in my Kusu. He rushed because good people whispered to him: they say, both sons, Vadik and Sasha, can be taken to an orphanage. Because their mother does not educate them, but re-arranges their personal life. If it ne needed to earn the damn money, he would not leave it for a minute. But you have to live for something…

The youngest son, whom his father calls San Sanych, got ready in the morning and stomped to the school. He just went to first grade, but you need to be independent! And the eldest, Vadim, a boy with developmental disabilities, in a language understandable only to their family, asked delicious from his father. Over the years, Galkin Sr. has learned to keep the apartment in perfect cleanliness, and to plan expenses, and to dress and feed the children in such a way that it is both tasty and budget-friendly. His daily routine: laundry, cleaning, shops, classes with Vadik, checking lessons, polyclinics, hospitals, tests, examinations…

Five years ago, Galkin couldn't believe his eyes when 40,000 rubles fell on his card. rub. Pleased Sasha: you will have a computer! Apparently, the bailiffs collected alimony from the mother. But  in the depths of the soul still had a doubt: the amount is large and it painfully round. I called the bank to clarify, but didn't hear anything intelligible. And in eventually decided to spend them. First of all, buy Sanya a tracksuit for school. Sneakers — the ones he requested: with a black stripe, strong. Vadka — strawberries to make jam. Well and fill the shelves with cereals. There was not enough for computer, of course. Alexander began saving up for it, setting aside the remaining 3 thousand

Having plugged the holes in the family budget, Alexander already forgot about this wonderful gift. And suddenly — a call from the bank: sorry, there was a mistake, the money was not transferred to you, return it. And there is nothing to return! Father went to the bankers to ask for an installment plan. He explained that the entire income of the family — Vadik's disability pension in 18.8 thous. rub. The bank agreed to the installment plan. 

The family then lived on 3.8 thousand. rub. per month: out of pension 18.8 thous. rub. 10 thousand went to return “gift” account, 5 — for medications. At night, Galkin ran to kalym: to guard somewhere, to repair somewhere. And went back in the morning, sent the younger one to school, and was engaged in the older one.

They found out about Galkin when he had already paid off the “debt”. The bank invited Alexander, and presented a cake and a calendar as a token of compensation. The employees of the institution, not knowing where to hide their eyes from shame for such a “prize”, folded up and put an envelope into the pocket of a single father: 5 thousand.

It was then that we first talked about family. Honest as the truth itself, Galkin inspired many by his example. "Looking at you, we all somehow straighten up and become in formation", — readers of AiF wrote to him. And & nbsp; dubbed Alexander Borisovich "honest dad". Transfers from the whole country flew to Galkin's card. Not accustomed to attention, the modest man was afraid to believe in his own happiness. When Sasha sat down to do his homework for a brand new computer, the money for which our readers raised, his father began to cry for the first time.

How to feed sons

Galkin does not abuse the kindness of people. He and he is capable of a lot. A few years ago, for example, he managed to prove to officials that he alone could cope with the upbringing of his sons. And I forgave my cuckoo ex-wife a long time ago.

Yes and did again ask for help. But poverty crept up at the most unexpected moment. While everyone was preparing to meet the new year 2021, Alexander was thinking about how to feed his sons. The eldest, Vadik, then turned 18. From a minor child with a disability, he turned according to the laws of the bureaucracy into a disabled adult. Yes, Galkin will remain Vadim's guardian until the end of days. But in order to pay their pension and then, you need to re-register a bunch of documents.

Alexander does not get tired of marveling at the absurdity of some laws. For example, he cannot officially earn extra money. Galkin, who himself grew up in a large family, a handy man, says he would have officially settled down long ago even in his Kus. Sasha Jr. has matured, you can rely on him. He looked   for Vadik while his father earns. However, no: as soon as the caregiver or other poor person receives income, the subsidy is removed from families.

"It comes to ridiculous —  he says. — They invited us to the show„Let's Get Married“. Not a hero, but like in a cheerleading group. Sashka I've never been anywhere let me, I think I'll show the kid the capital — tickets are paid. We went. We're back — and   did  the housing subsidy. I went to find out, and they tell me: you have 20 thousands here. income. It turns out that TV crews paid us compensation for the expenses for tickets and accommodation as a salary. They also took income tax! And that's it, I dropped out of the category of those in need».

"Well how so?!" — we were perplexed in "AiF" and on eve 2021  contacted the Minsots of the Chelyabinsk region with a request to help the Galkins. Officials, as they say, “entered the & nbsp; position.” All the documents necessary for reissuing subsidies were passed through the authorities as quickly as possible. Yes and our readers got connected: someone made a translation, someone just called — after all, a kind word sometimes helps. A one girl wrote that she would be honored to marry such a man. Just like this: “I would consider it an honor.” Who knows, maybe Alexander will meet his love again. He's only 48.

Half-a-lifetime line

All these five years that we have been talking about the Galkin family, by united efforts we have been able to solve their problems. And even with housing, it seemed that everything was about to get better. But the move is being postponed: those 650 thousand allocated by Galkin are not enough for housing, even for Kusa. And in recently, it has risen in price even more. The Galkins huddle in the & nbsp; studio. Two tall young men 19 and 18 sleep on a bunk bed: nothing else is included in the room except for the father's sofa.

The local administration is puzzling over how to meet this modest sum . And we think: maybe we will come to help again?

The Life of the Galkins — this is a team game. Otherwise, you can't survive and can't win. When his father secretly worked part-time from the state, the younger son nursed his older brother. When the bankers gave the honest father a protocol cake, the employees collected an envelope with money. When it was necessary to live up to & nbsp; retirement, the South Urals brought pickles and & nbsp; jam to Galkin. Let's try and help now. So that the Galkin family finally has its own “birdhouse”.

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