Patriarch Kirill declared Russia’s unwillingness to fight with anyone

He expressed the hope that the Lord would keep “the Russian land from internecine strife and from the invasion of foreigners”


Russia did not attack other countries, but only defended its borders, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia said at a sermon in the Archangel Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin.

“We don’t want to fight anyone. Russia has never attacked anyone. It is amazing that a great and powerful country has never attacked anyone— she only defended her borders, — said the patriarch.

He expressed the hope that the country would be “strong, mighty and at the same time loved by God”, the Lord would keep “the Russian land from internecine strife and from the invasion of foreigners” and to strengthen the Orthodox faith as “the only spiritual force capable of really holding our people together.”

The patriarch, serving in the Archangel Cathedral, where Russian princes and tsars from Ivan I to Peter II are buried, noted that «among them there was not a single traitor— everyone served the Motherland to the best of their ability. and now people turn to them with a prayer for the country, “so that our sacred borders are impregnable, so that we always have the wisdom, strength and honor to defend them if necessary.”

In his Paschal address, Patriarch Kirill urged the faithful to pray fervently for “lasting peace to triumph.” Pope Francis, congratulating the head of the Russian Orthodox Church on Easter, expressed the hope that spiritual leaders will be able to become peacemakers.

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