Poland will help EU countries to abandon energy from Russia

Polish Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moscow said that Poland is ready to help other EU countries to abandon Russian energy sources. She called for the immediate abandonment of Russian oil EU to give up energy from Russia” />

Poland is ready to help other EU countries to give up Russian energy, Polish Climate and Environment Minister Anna Moskva said, arriving at a meeting of EU ministers on energy issues in Brussels. The broadcast is available on the EU website.

“We are ready to show solidarity and support other countries, provide them with non-Russian hydrocarbons, we are ready to be in solidarity with our infrastructure and provide them if necessary,” — the minister said.

She added that Poland is ready to share its experience in building infrastructure in order to quickly become fully independent from Russia.

The Polish minister also called on the EU countries to immediately stop importing Russian oil , noting that Warsaw will support all sanctions on Russian hydrocarbons. “We already have coal, then comes oil, and the next step— gas",— Moscow said.

Since the beginning of Russia's military operation in Ukraine, Western countries, including members of the EU, have imposed several packages of sanctions against Moscow. On April 8, the European Union introduced the fifth package of restrictions, which includes a complete embargo on the import of Russian coal. According to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the EU will stop importing Russian coal in the summer, give up Russian oil by the end of the year, and “seriously” will reduce gas supplies from Russia.

In mid-April, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said that the EC was preparing a sixth package of sanctions against Russia, which implies restrictions on the oil sector. As French Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Anne-Clair Legendre clarified on April 29, France expects new EU sanctions against Russia, including restrictions on oil, in the near future.

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Bloomberg sources reported that the European Union is considering three possible scenarios regarding Russian oil: an embargo, setting a cap price, and creating a “payment mechanism to retain the proceeds” that Moscow has received since the start of a military special operation against Kyiv.

According to the decree Russian President Vladimir Putin, since April 1, “unfriendly” states, to which Moscow included, in particular, all EU countries, the USA and Great Britain, must pay for gas supplies in rubles.

Some countries, in particular Poland and Bulgaria, have reported that they do not intend to pay for gas in rubles, considering this a violation of the terms of the contracts, which mostly require payment in dollars or euros. At the same time, Hungary admitted that they would follow Moscow's demands.

April 27 Gazprom stopped gas supplies to the Polish PGNiG and the Bulgarian Bulgargaz. The press service of the concern said that as of the end of the working day on April 26, these companies had not received payments in rubles for April deliveries. The companies notified about the termination of deliveries in advance.

Then in “Gazprom” warned that in the event of unauthorized withdrawal of Russian gas from transit volumes to third countries, supplies for transit would be reduced by this volume. The next day Gazprom said that Poland receives Russian gas from Germany.

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