Possible whereabouts of Nazarbayev named

Political scientist Andrei Grozin believes that the first president of Kazakhstan is sitting out in Shamalagan

The first president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, did not appear in public after the start of mass protests in the country. This became the reason for the spread of a huge number of rumors about his whereabouts. There were versions that he is in China, fled to Kyrgyzstan or the United Arab Emirates, he was kidnapped, or he is sick with coronavirus. Now there is a new theory & mdash; elbasy are being held captive on the territory of the republic & nbsp; and he is terribly angry and outraged by the latest events.

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Russian sociologist Igor Eidman announced the whereabouts of Nursultan Nazarbayev on his Facebook page. According to him, the leader of the nation is on the territory of Kazakhstan, he is alive and sane, but he is being held under unofficial house arrest. The sociologist did not specify who is holding Nazarbayev, but noted that he perceives the latest events in the country as a betrayal. The former Kazakh leader is allegedly required to publicly renounce power, but he resists and is not going to declare his support for President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev.

In Kazakhstan itself, the version of Nazarbayev's unofficial house arrest has not been heard, noting that there are already too many speculations. “ We have practically no information on this matter, although representatives of the authorities, the deputy corps and the general population are interested in this issue. The latest official information was that he was in the capital and was negotiating with the heads of state. In fact, there are rumors that he is already in Switzerland or China, or is in a coma under a ventilator. There is no reliable information here, '' he said in a conversation with MK journalist Askar Kubayzhanov.

He stressed that such speculation does not help stabilize the situation in the country & nbsp; and only add intrigue. They do not shed light on the whereabouts of Nazarbayev and his family members, who also practically ceased to appear in public.

“ After the latest protest moods, the mention of the leader of the nation and his family causes a certain negative impact, '' says Kubaizhanov. – Apparently, Dariga Nazarbayeva, as an intelligent person and a deputy of the Mazhilis, decided to take a pause. She is in Kazakhstan, but did not attend the parliamentary session, explaining that she was sick. Nursultan Nazarbayev is a smart politician and in the past it sometimes happened that he took a break, after which he appeared on horseback. Such a situation is possible even now. He will wait for the first emotions to subside and appear. But how will the population perceive it & mdash; I don’t presume to say this. ”

About where Nazarbayev is hiding and why MK does not appear in public. spoke with the head of the department of Kazakhstan and Central Asia of the Institute of CIS Countries Andrei Grozin:

– When the protests began, I even thought that Nursultan Nazarbayev had died. It seemed logical and explained what was happening. Then there were statements by his press secretary that Nazarbayev himself had transferred the post of head of the Security Council to Tokayev and others. Now I think that he is rather alive, because otherwise his relatives would have left the country long ago. Since this does not happen, it means that he is either alive, or they have agreed that he is kind of alive.

– Of course not. Who could keep him there? Tokayev & nbsp; or what? It is impossible and it will not be. Nazarbayev & mdash; this is a figure that many would like to push into a distant closet and not remember him, but, on the other hand, & mdash; he is the founding father of today's Kazakhstan, and there is no getting away from it.

– He will not declare this publicly. Nazarbayev nominated him to this post, so such a statement would be tantamount to saying: “ Sorry, I'm an idiot – I appointed this fool. '' This is impossible.

– There is a version of the opposition that he is seriously ill and has withdrawn from all these things. But Nazarbayev is a person who does not let anything take its course, he always keeps his finger on the pulse and controls everything. Therefore, it is hard to believe in the version with the disease.

I think if he leaves Kazakhstan for the UAE, China, Russia and so on, he will lose the opportunity to influence the adoption of specific decisions in order to ensure the well-being of his family. Moreover, he has many relatives, who are probably now resorting to him shouting: “ Dad, they want to take the bank away from us! We have to do something. ” Having such obligations, Nazarbayev cannot leave the country.

Most likely, he is sitting out in his native village of Shamalgan, and after the passions subside, he will show himself. If, of course, he is alive.

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