Rostselmash resumed production of grain harvesters

Rostselmash, the largest Russian manufacturer of agricultural machinery, has resumed the production of grain harvesters, TASS reports citing Maria Yolkina, Director of the Department of Agricultural, Food and Construction and Road Engineering of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

It is noted that at the moment about 20 cars are being produced a day, by the end of the year “a slight drop compared to the previous year” is expected.

Yolkina added that 6.4 thousand cars are planned for production in 2023. cars.

Earlier, agrarian Ivan Popov said that the wheat harvest in Russia this year would be enough to feed the country's population. He added that landowners intend to continue to put abandoned land into circulation, which will have a positive impact on agricultural production, as well as allow new jobs to be introduced.

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