Russia indefinitely stopped Nord Stream

The reasons for stopping the operation of the gas turbine are named.

Gazprom has suspended gas transmission through the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline for an indefinite period. The reason is the troubleshooting of the turbine from Siemens.

The company's press service says that the decision to stop the operation of the pipeline was made following the maintenance of GPU No. 24 at the Portovaya CS.

During the inspection, several places with oil leaks were found.

An act was drawn up on this fact, which also contains the signatures of Siemens representatives, and Rostekhnadzor of the Russian Federation issued a warning that safe operation is impossible with such malfunctions gas turbine engine.

Against this background, it was decided to suspend further operation of the Trent 60 gas compressor unit until all malfunctions were eliminated.

Siemens reported that troubleshooting is possible only at a special repair facility .

Gazprom has already sent a letter about the identified problems to the management of Siemens Energy AG.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that “Gazprom” played on the demands of Siemens and signed the “verdict” Europe.


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