Samantha Fish Blends New and Vintage Tracks During Performance at Troubadour

Samantha Fish Blends New and Vintage Tracks During Performance at Troubadour
October 3, 2021
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Samantha Fish feature photo – Photo by Luis Moreno

Photos and Words by LUIS MORENO

It may be 14 miles from my house to The Troubadour, but the live performance there by Samantha Fish made me feel right at home. I wasn’t all that familiar with her music, but after the other night, I’m a believer. Samantha Fish is one bad ass musician.

Her band is tight, but loose enough to give her guitar playing and wide-ranging performance more than enough room to run the gamut from raunchy to lovely and moody, with gorgeous depth.  

Samantha Fish performs at the Troubadour – Photo by Luis Moreno

Fish opened with “Faster” the first track off her her latest album of the same nameThe difference between the studio album and the live version is with the live version she kicks up the raunchiness and fullness of the sound.  The Samantha Fish crowd is devoted, enjoying every moment as fans shook their fists and banged their heads with each song. 

What caught me off guard was her beautiful rendition of Barbara Lewis’ 1963 hit “Hello Stranger.” It was such lovely and sauntering version, with her guitar caressing the melody.  She continued the mood with a sexy “Love Letters” from her previous album Kill or be Kind.  

Samantha Fish at Troubadour – Photo by Luis Moreno

About midway through the night Fish played “Kill or be Kind,” the title track of her previous album. This one was much more up-tempo, where she let her voice just belt it out.

There is no doubt Fish has her hardcore fans. As I moved through the crowd, I heard voices singing her songs word for word and others unsure about the lyrics but still singing with enthusiasm.  

Samantha Fish plays the Troubadour – Photo by Luis Moreno

The evening started to come to a close and she finished off with “Bulletproof,” a dirt filled song on guitar that accents her voice.  She started and finished strong. I’m not going to disclose her encore song… The Samantha Fish show is a must that people need to enjoy for themselves.  

So the bottom line is after a night of listening to Samantha Fish, it’s clear she can rock, raunch out and even lullaby you if she wants. I am now a fan also – I’m an official “Fish head.”

Samantha Fish at the Troubadour – Photo Luis Moreno
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