Sofa story. AiF launches new video story format

"Arguments and Facts" are launching a new format of videos, within which significant events of our history and modern life will be discussed. 

The first video of the cycle deals with the collapse of the USSR. The event that took place 30 years ago is still one of the most discussed. 

Who is to blame for the collapse of the USSR? Or was it a breakup? But in a breakup, you can't ask “Who?” Why are people who massively voted for the preservation of the USSR in the first half of 1991, in the second half of 1991, are no longer ready to defend it? Not ready to defend even your own choice?

What role did the allied leadership headed by Gorbachev play in these events? And what — regional elites: Yeltsin, Kravchuk… How did fiery communists suddenly become leaders of national (and somewhere nationalist) movements yesterday? 

We try to touch on all these issues in the first video of the project. Leading the first video — deputy editor-in-chief of AiF Vladimir Shushkin.

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